Thursday, December 6, 2012


Not too long ago, I wrote about how very thankful I was to have our internet connection restored.

I failed to note that it is the fact that there is someone OUT THERE at the other end that makes that connection so helpful, special, important and necessary. It is the connections…the human interaction…for which I am so thankful for today.

When we have a problem, need some advice, just want to talk to someone…we need look no further than the phone or computer…or jump in the car.  For that matter, we could just take a walk. I guarantee if I walk out our driveway, I will at least find a friendly face and a wave…if not some sort of conversation.        

                                                            Every. Single. Time.

There are our “internet friends” who always show up with some sort of contact when we need it most. That virtual hug…or something to make us smile. 

I don’t know how they know…

There are the folks at the feed mill with their stories and smiles. They provide superior sustenance for our animals and answers to our every question. The funny stories are a plus!

There are conversations with our neighbors at the tiny M’brook Post Office. No question about it…this is a wonderful place to live. There are some caring folks in our little part of the world. We might have to fight to keep the Post Office open in the New Year…because there is no mistaking how important the Post Office is to all our residents.

There are the folks at the processors who cut and process our lamb so wonderfully. Not only do they do a wonderful job, they are concerned about the “little things”…and are counted as our friends.

There are our neighbors, who might only seem to wave and drive on…but, given the circumstance…offer hugs and prayers, solace and aid.  Again…this is an amazing place to live.

Between the two of us, I think we know (in many cases only through the internet) folks around the world.  People who care about us, about whom we are truly concerned…folks who make our lives so much richer. The very thought that we know folks worldwide is slightly astounding…the fact that they care and show concern is more than a little humbling.

I got to thinking about who is “out there” as I sent out our Winter Sales email Wednesday morning.  I must confess…each week when I hit that SEND button, it is with a fair amount of trepidation. What if no one answers?  What if they decided…for whatever reason…that they’re shopping elsewhere…or that they (shudder) don’t like us anymore?  (oh…the Boss laughs at me!)

But, someone always answers!  The faithful always quell my fears (no matter how unfounded they may be) Honestly, my concern is not for the sales…but, truly for the connection…the fact that somebody likes us, I guess.  Kinda like Sally Field in her Oscar acceptance speech back in 1984…(remember…”you like me…right now you like me”?)

Today…I am SO thankful for all of those folks who make up our connections...whether they are in-person or on-line...who are there for us...  

                                             Every. Single. Time.

                                             ...y’all make this job/life awesome!

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