Thursday, October 11, 2012

Being Connected

After spending a good portion of THREE different days with NO internet access, today I am thankful, very thankful for being connected once again!

We do not realize how very dependent we are upon our little “internet habit” until it flickers, sputters, and then fades completely.  No bill paying, customer communication…no research, no access to the bank….and…oh, okay, no Facebook and Pinterest and blog reading time-wasting. J 

Unlike when other things break down, there is nothing we can do to correct the problem. So we wait…

The Boss got the Garlic crop of 2013 in the ground 
 There is plenty to do around here without internet access.  Chores, planting, harvesting, bookwork, cleaning, planning…the list is endless. The Boss got the garlic crop for 2013 in the ground!   However, the flow of the day is affected when we can’t check the weather and the news over that first cup of coffee. Without some idea of the weather forecast, we cannot effectively plan the activities of the day.  When we lack the ability to research “issues” and the ability to order some sort of solution, we waste valuable time trying to “make-do” with no idea when we can get a real remedy in place.

Weather page from April 2012

When that lifeline to the internet was gone, there was no way to tell everyone we hadn't dropped off the planet, gotten hurt feelings, or for that matter gotten hurt or sick. We lost the ability to communicate with customers, committee members, friends and family.   While it is true we still had the telephone, often it is a far more efficient use of time to send an email and possible attachments. And, it’s a lot more FUN to send silly Facebook messages.

While we got lots of other things done, there were also lots of trips to the office to poke the computer buttons “just in case”, followed by discussions with our service provider. After a while it was more than a little disheartening to walk into the office, knowing full well that whatever we had just thought to do would have to wait…

Finally, the technician came.  The repair was made.  Internet restored…and now we have MORE speed!  The Boss keeps telling me how important these little connection numbers are. I don’t understand them, but take his word for it. We used to have dial-up, so anything else seems supersonic.

It was amazing just how much piled up in a couple of days.  Lots of emails and messages needed some sort of attention. The bills and bank statement are still waiting. I’ll get to them while I wait for outside temperatures to warm so I can begin harvesting.  But, the weather has been checked, the coffee has been drunk.  Jobs planned for the day. Now, it’s time to get back in the groove.

This Thursday, I am SO very thankful that we are connected once more!

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