Monday, December 17, 2012

Up and At 'Em

I spent a fair amount of last week in a hole.  Not literally, but in the most real way.  The reasons don’t really matter, but there I was.

In a deep, dark hole.

The more I struggled to get out…the deeper the hole seemed to be. 
The news events of the latter part of the week only served to make things worse.  There are no words to express the swirl of emotions caused by horrific news stories.

Despite the hole, there was work to be done. Farm work, animal chores…LIFE…none of those things wait until we feel “up to it”.

Cranking the tunes generally grants at least a diversion from the situation at hand, so I found myself humming along to the great sage…Toby Keith.  Say what you will, but country music has some great life advice tucked among the twang and attitude, and Toby is a master.  However, I was surprised to find that the advice that kept beating through my head

“When you find yourself in a hole, stop diggin’…” wasn’t an original line.

 Some attribute the line to Will Rogers…and I’m fairly certain some will attribute it to someone else.

The source of the line is not really important.  The truth of it is.  Once I stopped struggling, the hole seemed less constricting, I realized the sun was still shining, and life continued to go on. The darkness faded into the background.

Yep, it was gonna be okay.

 So, with the beginning of a new week…it’s up and at ‘em…back to work with a renewed attitude.

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