Thursday, December 27, 2012

If You Give a Farmer a Project...

If you  give a farmer a project....

He will need to make a trip to town for supplies.

He'll need to measure and cut and pound some posts and think...and measure and cut and pound some more.

Then, he might need some help.
A bit of re-arranging in the barn might be necessary.

This re-arranging may get slightly out of hand and require that a huge pile of junk be moved and sorted.

What a lot of JUNK!

 This stuff can't stay here.

...that will entail a trip to the dump.

While in town, make a stop by the hardware store....and a second trip to the farm store.

Wait!  A crucial item can't be found in town. That means a quick jump on the internet, a little research and place an order.

Amazingly, the item arrives two days later. Their arrival causes a bit of celebration on my part. The carabiner clips make it easy to take the pens apart for cleaning, and when the animal population demands more room in the barn the pens can be collapsed and put away until the next season.
While waiting, it is discovered that one of the sheep had felt it necessary to EAT a portion of the electrical cord to one of the heat lamps. Despite some very interesting theories, no real motive was ever discovered. The sheep couldn't escape blame, there were little bits of wool all over the ruined cord. Another step is added in the whole process.

A quick repair job follows. Now...that means the job is done..?
                               NOT SO fast!

All the new jugs meant that there weren't enough lights to go around. Another order would need to be placed.  This time for heat lamps. The lamps are crucial on the coldest nights to provide a little patch of warmth for the tiny lambs...a safe, warm(er) spot for them away from drafts.

The new heat lamps would require new heatlamp bulbs...this would require yet another trip to town.

finished pens-prior to heatlamps

Oh really...this is getting silly!

... finally....FINALLY...the project is complete.
 we talk about that screen door project...?

                         ...and here we go again!

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