Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Behind the Scenes

t leighton womack photo

They say…“A picture is worth a thousand words…”  

But, it occurred to me that a few words were necessary to explain the sheep photo the Boss posted a few days ago.

For those who don’t really know the Boss, a few words of explanation may be in order.  The Boss is a multi-talented guy who doesn’t just farm ‘cause he can’t think of anything else to do.  Photography is just one of his talents, and he is always working to perfect his skills.  He reads technical stuff, posts on forums, and participates in contests.  In one of his assignments, he needed to work angles. He was looking for something different and original. 

He decided to “shoot the sheep” while they ate.  The new angle being that he would shoot from the ground up…looking into their faces.  This was going to take a little arranging.  It was my job as shepherdess to get the sheep to come in close for the shot.

He got in position. Okay…now THAT looks funny!

We figured the ewes were hungry enough to follow me anywhere as long as I was carrying hay. Ordinarily it’s an all out free for all when anything edible is anywhere near the ewes in the mid-afternoon.


They took one look at the Boss…that THING…out there in the field and stopped dead in their tracks.  There was some grumbling among the ranks and then they all ran up the far side of the paddock staring at the Boss.  As their glances went from him to each other to the hay he had arranged, I wondered what they were thinking.

Finally, curiosity, hunger or a combination won out.  They came in closer and began to eat.  He kept shooting even as they gathered in right over top of him. My worry at this point was the safety of his camera.  


However, all worked out…he got his shots…

...and the sheep got a little treat.

t leighton womack photo

 …and that, my friends, is a look behind the farm scenes on a Sunday afternoon. Yeah, we DO know how to have fun.

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