Monday, June 27, 2011

Totally UN-Cool

This morning, I went to the freezer to grab a chicken for supper…when I realized… “something is NOT right here!” The stuff at the top of the freezer was NOT cold…the freezer was not cold…the ice that builds up around the edges was sliding down the sides. HELP! I alerted Tom to the situation and we began frantically transferring everything to another freezer. (I was frantic….Tom was calm and cool)

Thankfully, we have a whole bank of freezers…six, to be exact. Before you start thinking this is excessive for TWO people, please let me explain. We need a freezer for chickens, one for lamb, one for beef, two for veggies and fruits (these are for winter sales)…and one for the odd and random thing that my "inner hoarder" cannot bear to waste. In reality, we could probably get by with five, but…

This week we will be processing broilers and that will take up the majority of one freezer. Thankfully, since they are selling so amazingly well, that freezer was empty and we just dumped everything in there. We didn’t lose much…some cookies and some bread had thawed; the chickens will enjoy those.

We are also supposed to pick up the first processed lambs of the season. Since these guys were big…really big…they will need their own freezer. Currently, it is full of strawberries for winter sales. Looks like freezer re-organization is at the top of my list this week!

Since the freezers are somewhat geriatric, Tom’s first assumption was that the compressor was burnt out. To replace the compressor is just as costly as buying a new freezer, and nowhere near as easy, so we debated on the way to town what we should do. Get a new freezer? Repair the freezer? Such a dilemma!

By the time we finished our errands, the overheated freezer had cooled down. He plugged it in. IT STARTED! YAY! After about 2 seconds…it quit. BOO! The decision was made. New freezer!

After some sticker shock at Lowes, and a lengthy discussion concerning freezer type, we decided to stick with the same old thing. Lo and behold, it was on sale! Things were looking up.

Long story short….bought freezer, loaded freezer, unloaded freezer, plugged it in, it’s good to go. YAY! We’re gonna need it this week with all those chickens and all that lamb. …did I mention that the green bean crop is ready, too?

Closer examination revealed it was not the compressor, but a burned out controller. The part can be had on-line for under $50. Hmmm….. Tom ordered the part, and if it corrects the problem, we will then have an “emergency back-up” freezer. (Tom feels much safer with an “emergency back-up” whatever….”always prepared”…ya know…once a boy scout always a boy scout, I guess)

After a completely UN-cool start to the, we're chillin'!

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