Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Handy, New Farm Doo-Hickey Thing

Last Saturday, Tom handed me a piece of paper, saying “hey, think we could use this thing?” HUH?

My sleep/caffeine-deprived brain can only handle so much on a Market morning. I am usually having some variation of the following ongoing conversation: What is the total for asparagus, lettuce and arugula?…no, wait..I want a dozen eggs, too…no, just a minute….can I get a half dozen? Can you tell me what seasonings are in your sausage? Do you really raise all this stuff yourself? Are you organic? No? Why not? Do you spray? Do you have change for a twenty…fifty..a hundred? Where can I get a bag? Does anyone at the market sell….? When will the sweet corn come in….are there any tomatoes? Now, what’s the total?

Yes, I have been known to have someone’s cash in my hand and look at it blankly with absolutely NO idea what just transpired. (doesn’t happen often, and thankfully the customers think it’s funny)

So, it isn’t any wonder that I looked at the piece of paper detailing the “do-hickey thing” with little or no comprehension. I think I said something like “whatever you think, dear”. After 27 years together, he should know that I truly mean this….mostly because I have NO idea what he’s talking about. He and the seller talked it over some more, and I thought that was the end of the subject.

It wasn’t until Wednesday when the topic came up again. That wasn’t too surprising, a lot of times I’ve forgotten a topic, only to have it re-surface at a later date.

At this point, Tom thought we should get the thing. As it was “only” $70, I concurred…despite the fact I STILL didn’t know what possible use the thing could be.

The guy selling it REALLY wanted to get rid of it, so he delivered it Thursday. Tom put it on the tractor, made some modifications, and attempted to explain again what it was he wanted to do with the thing.

OH, OH….my brain finally got it!

Yep, it looks like it will make some things easier around here. Particularly hauling the ram to and from the barn…chickens in chicken crates out to pasture and back for processing. I’m fairly certain Tom will think of a great number of other projects for the new “doo-hickey thing”. Okay, it’s actually called a “king cutter carry all”.

Now, I guess we can look forward to hauling jobs. …and maybe I should start paying attention to the great potential of these “finds”!

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