Thursday, June 23, 2011

Black Snakes ALWAYS Make Me Scream

This morning when Tom moved the broiler pen, he uncovered a black snake that had slithered in under the pen, looking for an overnight shelter. As Tom was concentrating on the broilers, he didn’t see the snake..

The broilers are quite close to the ram paddock at present, and the hose used for watering is available to both species.

When I went to grab the black HOSE, I realized it was a black SNAKE! "AAAAAAAAH!"

“What?” He still hadn’t seen the snake. I pointed…he laughed.

I am not afraid of snakes; it is the unexpectedness of their appearance that makes me scream. We have seen one dangling from the tree in the backyard, several slithering through the barn, and another scooting through the hay. Every time I have screamed…and every time he has laughed at me. Thankfully, the girls never shared my reaction. Yep, that's B....circa 1997.

Black snakes are just a fact of life around the farm. They are good at keeping the population of small rodents under control. Although the larger ones have been known to eat a few eggs, for the most part they don’t do anything bad around the place. They are not poisonous like rattlers or copperheads. They won’t strangle or squeeze like boas or anacondas. Most of the time, we don’t even know they are around.

But,the sudden awareness of their existence gets me every time. "AAAAAAAH!"

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