Friday, February 18, 2011

our best crop...EVER!

The 2010 growing season was quite possibly the worst we have ever had. The reasons are numerous, beginning with the fact that it was quite possibly the most stressful (nope, it was DEFINITELY the most stressful) year we have ever had.

The year followed this sequence: the biggest snowfall in years, followed by a cold wet spring, followed by a horrifying accident and subsequent recovery, a long, hot, dry stretch, followed by a wedding. I’m fairly certain there were a few thousand other things in there, too.

So, for the first time ever, we had multiple crop failures. While it was frustrating and costly, you get over it and go on. If anything, you gain some wisdom on what NOT to do in the future. Thomas Edison said he never failed, he just found another way not to do a particular thing.

The failures made me start thinking of the good crops, the success stories. Was it the year we had zucchini ‘til nearly Thanksgiving? Or the year we DID have broccoli ‘til Christmas? Was it the 200 lbs. of cucumbers out of the hoophouse from a single planting of twelve or so plants? Perhaps last year’s lambs? Broilers? Eggs?

No, our best crop had to be our kids!

Now, that they are grown and married and on their own, I can look back with complete fondness to the “old days”. I don’t have to remember the 7 times I had to paddle someone in ONE day. I can choose to forget the tens of thousands of times I had to say the SAME thing, hoping that they “got it” (only to have them hear someone else say the same thing once and they remembered forever) I don’t have to remember the eye-rolling, the tears, the raised voices and the frustration. Forgotten are the times my authority was challenged, and the times I questioned my own sanity and intelligence.

I can choose to remember all the times we worked SO well as a family unit. The fun day trips, the outrageously silly supper conversations, and the numerous weird and wonderful things we did together…all make for some priceless memories.

There have been countless times when I have been amazed at their insight, their care and concern. Despite the fact that I was supposed to be the teacher, our girls have taught me a lot!

We look at them now proudly and with a little bit of awe on occasion….and say “wow! I had a part in that!” They constantly amaze us. We have two beautiful, confident, strong and competent daughters…they are amazing young women, who have some pretty good fellas, too.

Now, that crop was a success!Love y'all!
Keep being awesome!

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