Thursday, February 17, 2011

a death in the community

Yesterday, Augusta County lost another farmer.

As two farmers were preparing for spring plowing,in what can only be described as a tragic accident, the tractor rolled and crushed one of them. The story is especially sad, in that the father was on the tractor and the daughter was killed.

While we don't personally know the folks involved, the name is one that we recognize, the location one with which we are familiar. Our hearts go out to them.

Often, it is forgotten that farming can be dangerous. The very machinery that we count on to make our living can take that life from us in a single moment of inattention or through some minute malfunction. I personally know folks missing digits and portions of limbs due to accidents on the farm.

So, today, I find myself feeling a little odd, and praying for a family I do not know...enduring a loss I hope to never face. This is a hard (and at times brutal) life; all farmers could use a few extra prayers.

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