Thursday, October 31, 2013

A New Project

I’ve taken on a new project…

For the next thirty days I will be blogging every day about life here on the hill… Every.Single.Day. Maybe this will help me learn to be a little more succinct (and not so rambly) and timely with my posts.  Maybe.

I’m taking part in a challenge put forth by Holly Spangler or My Generation over at Farm Progress.  Check this out    

Every November she makes an effort to blog every day about Agriculture related subjects and a number of other bloggers join in.  These are folks whose blogs I’ve been reading for a while, so I’m pretty excited to have this opportunity. (I feel like I get to play with “the big kids”)

I’ve decided to call the series “30 days of Views from the Hill”. Don’t worry, it won’t be just a bunch of random pictures from my front yard, I will be expressing my point of view on a number of Ag subjects as well. I’d like to say I have this all planned out and I’m absolutely certain I can do it…but, I’m not that organized…and I know all too well how things go around here!

So, here’s hoping!

You should go check out Holly’s blog and follow along with all the other bloggers during November…it promises to be an enlightening/entertaining month.

Oh, and since it is Thursday…I’m very thankful to Holly for allowing me this opportunity!

The posts are:

day one 30 days: Oh, the View!
day two We Might Just Live in "Opposite World"
day three Sunday Walkabout 11-3
day four ...then THIS happened...
day five On the Road Again
day six A Wordless Wednesday
day seven A Thursday Thankful: FOOD
day eight Lookin' Out for the "Little Guy"
day nine Some Serious Shopping
day ten Sunday Walkabout 11-10
day eleven...and on less...
day twelve Tomorrow's Another Day
day thirteen Meet the Corporate Farm
day fourteen Everyone Knows You Can't Freeze Lettuce
day fifteen Sunday Walkabout 11-17
day sixteen David vs. Goliath
day seventeen You Don't LOOK Like a Farmer
day eighteen When Did Gus Become a Farm Dog?
day nineteen Oh No...vember
day twenty Weird and Wacky Wednesday
day twenty-one The Thing Sheep Do Best
day twenty-two End of the Season
day twenty-three Braggin' Rights
day twenty-four Sunday Walkabout 11-24
day twenty-five V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N
day twenty-six Count-down to T-day
day twenty-seven #foodthanks
day twenty-eight Thanksgiving Memory
day twenty-nine Black Friday on the Hill
day thirty End of the Month


  1. Wishing you all the best with this project! Love the total view of your farm!

  2. You may be little and on the "fringe" but you are an important part of Agriculture! Remember it takes all kinds to keep the world turning :)

    I love reading your posts, not only because some of the things you say feel like they were pulled out of my head (must be the Virginia in us both!) and because you have gorgeous photos, but because it's important to remember that everybody's story is different and unique.

    I can't wait to hear the views from the Hill!

    1. Thanks, Mandy! I am looking forward to your posts as well.

  3. I can't wait for a chance to spend a little of each day with you at your farm even if it's via blog. I'm going to enjoy it I know. Wishing you great success!!!