Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rainbows at Sunset

Sunset 10-9-13
The world seems full of bad news lately.  Okay, the world is always full of bad news, but recently it seems that nobody can catch a break.

Our government is shut down and causing all sorts of issues for all sorts of people.  I’m sure you don’t need links to get you to that information. While it hasn’t affected us personally, we know folks who have been…and the whole situation is more than a little disheartening and frustrating. (to say the least)

The folks in South Dakota are facing a situation the likes of which defies imagination.  The ramifications of this early season blizzard will be felt for years.  You should read this. (the pictures are graphic and disturbing)   While we’ve faced animal losses over the years, nothing even compares to the horrific sights from those in the Black Hills.  It’s heartbreaking to say the least.  Want to help?  Here's how.
I won’t even get into the problems that the lack of a Farm Bill has caused so many producers.  Again, it’s not a personal problem…but, it is a matter of concern and frustration. (and ongoing conversation)

The whole Food Safety Modernization Act (see this post) is looming over my head like a big, black cloud.  Did you read this?

…and so on…

So, last night’s rainbow/sunset combo was a real gift. (although it doesn't show up in the was a double rainbow for a while)

A reminder that despite the clouds…

...the gloom and despair…

...there’s the promise of better days ahead…

...and something to give thanks for...
(even if it's just a pretty view)

Here's to a great and thankful Thursday!

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