Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 10-6

Well, it certainly doesn’t feel like October! The temperature here was in the eighties yesterday. I can’t believe I am going to say this…but, it’s HOT…and DRY! …and October! That’s a strange combination here in the Valley, for sure.  The weird weather patterns continue. We’re supposed to get some storms later today, bringing rain and cooler temperatures. Maybe then it will begin to feel like Fall.

leaving for the processor's
The big news around here this week was that we finally, irrevocably, got rid of “that black lamb!” (Did you read about our "mis-adventures"?) …and with fairly little difficulty, I might add.  She did manage to take the entire flock the wrong way THREE times before she headed the right direction and had to be physically removed from the truck when we got to the processor’s…but, to the best of my knowledge, the rest of the story was completely uneventful.  …and while it sounds twisted on my part, in this case…the best revenge will be EATING well. Lamb chops (and other cuts) should be ready in about 10 days.

After hauling the lambs, the Boss went to a nearby farm and picked up a small amount of alfalfa hay for “my girls”.  After the lambs arrive, we feed alfalfa hay to the new mamas for a short while.  This allows them to produce lots of good milk for the newborns, giving them a great start in life.  The ewes benefit from the extra nutrition and seem to really like the taste.  With that tucked safely in the hayloft, I feel just a little bit better about Winter preparations.

In other news, Tess finally headed outdoors.  It’s hard to be a mouser when you stay in the house all the time. And, she REALLY wanted to go OUT! 

She and Gus met for the first time…

and seem to want to play together. 

They ran back and forth for hours and ended up wearing themselves out.
I think he likes her

she's taunting him

one worn out kittie

one very tired pup

As the gardens wind down for the year, it’s sort of bittersweet.  I’ll be glad to say GOOD-BYE to the bugs and the weeds…(and picking green beans) but, I will certainly miss the squash and tomatoes. …and the thought that these little volunteer cucumbers won’t make it is more than a little sad.

  The broccoli is still producing and the Brussels sprouts are nearly ready. 

But, it’s time to focus on the hoophouses and all the hardy crops that will produce during the cold winter months.  I was very happy to see that removing the shadecloth last week made a great difference in the re-growth in time for Market harvesting.

view from the broiler pen at 5:30am
lights from brooder and barn
In case you ever wondered…THIS is what it looks like outside when I do chores on Saturday morning before the Market.  It’s funny how many Market customers do not realize that we get up long before dawn on Saturday mornings in order to get ready.

Actually, we always get up before dawn…
heading in for breakfast after morning chores

Saturday’s Market seemed a bit slow (there are a LOT of activities this time of year), but it was successful nonetheless. We had good music, too. It’s hard to believe that another Market season is winding down already. 
Only 7 more Market Saturdays before Thanksgiving and the start of the “off-season”.

Today, we’ll take the opportunity to relax and re-group for the upcoming week.
isn't this pathetic?
Layer chicks arrive this week, the potatoes need digging, among other things…and there’s always one more thing to plant in the hoophouses.

Sissie just hangin' out
Here’s hopin’ you have a…

                Happy Sunday!

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