Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 10-20

It’s been an interesting week here on the hill…
…and that’s putting it mildly.

We got hoophouse #2 all cleaned up and ready for re-planting (thanks for the help, Blondie!) I got the bulbs for the green garlic planted.We will start harvesting in the early spring.

We took Blondie out to lunch (in payment for the weeding) and we all took a little road-trip to pick up lambchops and the like (nearly filling the “lamb” freezer),  

On our way out we saw one of the “Mbrook EAGLES”.

One of the local bird enthusiasts told me some time ago that Mbrook is the place to see bald eagles. I saw an eagle in the same area last year at this time.You can read about that here. It’s a pretty amazing sight, particularly when they fly.

We processed another batch of broilers and moved the last batch of broilers outside. We began praying for one last day of warm-ish weather…specifically on November 11---the last processing day for ’13. (nothing more miserable than broiler processing in cold weather…except cold, RAINY weather)

We moved the layer chicks from the greenhouse to the brooder and started cleaning the greenhouses for winter use. 

We finally got around to beginning the potato harvest. If I say we're having issues with the weather...again...I know I sound like a broken record. But...the weather is indeed causing delays. I must say, the Kennebec potato crop was more than a little disappointing (hopefully things will improve when we get to the other varieties this week).

 While harvesting potatoes, we found a black widow spider.  It was the first either of us had ever seen and it was unexpected given the surroundings.  The black widow isn’t quite as terrifying and deadly as one might think, but it is still poisonous and can cause some real “issues”, so we’ll be on the lookout and wear gloves when we finish the potato harvest…and when we get around to stacking the woodpile.

Gus continued eating everything in sight.
this time SOAP bubbles looked tasty

eating a bun with a flower stalk for dessert

Tess has become a "mighty huntress" and is loving the barn. (except when she gets cold...then she runs for the house)

Rain and drizzle were the weather words of the week. The views, views, views here on the hill were all but obliterated by fog most mornings. 
the view of Sugarloaf mountain
...seriously, it's out there

Although, we have had some gorgeous skies and the trees are starting to show the beautiful colors of Autumn.

I never expected to end up the week with a visit to the ER…by ambulance, no less!  But, I’m here to tell you that if you complain of chest pains and palpitations, that’s what is going to happen.  My heart was thoroughly checked out and I was released the same day.  I’ll be making a visit to the cardiologist this week to further investigate and treat the atrial tachycardia that they discovered.  It doesn’t sound real serious, but it was a very scary Friday.

Looks pretty pathetic, doesn't it?

Honestly, any day but Friday would have been so much better for an emergency…but…whatcha gonna do?  Spending the day at the hospital meant that the Boss and I didn’t get any harvesting done for Market and as one of our customer-friends noted “cupboards were bare” for Saturday morning.  …and that was a bummer…for both our customers and for us.  But, looks like we should be back in the groove for next week.

I do want to say a special THANK YOU to all those who sent messages, kind thoughts and prayers.  Y’all are a real special bunch!  We both truly appreciated your care and concern.
artwork from Eva 

Hopefully, the upcoming week won’t have any excitement!  I am a great fan of routine…the mundane…the “same old, same old”. 

Wishing all of you a very

Happy Sunday! 

Come back and visit us again soon.


  1. Oh my gosh, Barbara, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers! What a scare that must have been for both of you. A big hug from your friends here at Harvest Thyme.



    P.S. Watch out for those black widow spiders- we found quite a few this year under black landscape fabric in our herb bed.

    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts and concern, Deirdre!
      It was scary and not at all how I wanted to spend my Friday, but all's well that ends well, I guess.
      We'll be on the lookout for the spiders. I've heard a lot of people have seen more than usual this year. eeks!
      Again, THANK YOU for your concern.

  2. Barbara, I am sure that was a scare you could all have done without. Do take care.
    Sounds to me as though you really worked very hard all week - could have done without that black widow spider though.