Thursday, April 18, 2013

Work Smarter

Hey!  Did you know that the average age of the American farmer is 57?

…yeah…I think I read something like that…

Isn’t that weird?

…well, I dunno…different sources use different numbers…

My eldest daughter could hardly control her laughter. 

No, I mean, isn’t it weird that PAPA, our PAPA, is AVERAGE?

Oh…well, yeah...when you look at it that way… 

AVERAGE, run-of-the-mill, ordinary…nope, don’t think those words have ever been used to describe the Boss.

However, the fact is…

He is the age of the “average” American farmer (whatever THAT means).  And…there are age-related “issues” that we continue to discover.  And I can tell you one thing for certain; this whole “discovery” thing has not been a whole lot of fun lately.

Since age is creeping up on us and our “workforce” has grown up, married, moved away and is pursuing other interests, it is time to think about conserving our energies.  Working smarter, not necessarily harder is a definite refrain here on the hill.

We’ve made a number of changes over the years that have saved our backs, shoulders and knees.  These innovations make it possible for us to remain productive and profitable while acknowledging (somewhat grudgingly) that we “ain’t as young as we used to was”. We plan on doing this whole "farming thing" until we are eventually called to our final reward...and we are seriously hoping that will be a long time into the future. So, we are not adverse to change and innovation.

The one job that generally sent us both running for the ibuprofen AND the heating pad was raking in the potato crop. Once the potatoes are “plunked” , they must be covered with earth so they can grow properly. This is last year's entry about POTATOES...

Let me say right here that I have no idea why we haven’t embraced more change over the years…although it might have something to do with our limited budget…! At some point during the winter, the Boss decided that we were going to approach the potato planting differently this year.  He consulted various friends and on-line sources and made his plans and ordered parts. 

The parts arrived.

The Boss got out his welding equipment.

He did a test run.…

...made a few adjustments…

We were in business! WOOT!

This new innovative tool was created just in time…

The potatoes had been cut and needed immediate planting when I injured my leg. 

Despite the ice, Ibuprofen, Arnica Montana and lots of prayer and determination,  I must admit…that thing hurt!  It REALLY hurt. (and, of STILL hurts....) It was everything I could do to balance on one leg and drop those “ ‘taters” into the furrow.  I have absolutely NO idea how we would have ever raked them in by hand.

The Boss might have been raking for days and days (not really) if he had to do it by himself.

Gee....where has this thing been all our life?

Work smarter

                      NOT harder!

I now truly appreciate that phrase.

Today, I am thankful for innovation.  I am thankful for the Boss who can build all sorts of stuff...

....and I am incredibly THANKFUL that the potatoes are all planted!

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