Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Walkabout

While Sunday is our day of relative relaxation, at some point we generally take a quick tour around the place, making a list of priority jobs for the upcoming week.  I like the list-making; it gives me a sense of direction and checking off the completed tasks grants a sense of accomplishment.  The Boss usually just goes along with the list-making thing because it keeps me happy...he's more a "fly by the seat of your pants" kinda guy.

The idea of the Sunday walkabout gave me an idea for an ongoing theme for the farm blog.  What if we take you along for a virtual farm tour on a regular basis?  I'll spare you pictures of the endless weeds, huge piles that need to go to the dump and other unsightly things, focusing instead on completed jobs, funny occurrences and some of the beautiful things that are part of the landscape.

                                  Here's the first walkabout of the 2013 season. Enjoy!

We finally got a chance to plant all those little onion plants that arrived sometime ago.  The ground was tilled, the irrigation tape set, and away we went.  The soft earth allowed us to simply push each little plant into place in the rows.  Later in the week we had a great rain that settled all the plants and we are looking forward to harvesting onions sometime in June.

Somehow, Squeekie managed to get herself caught in the rat trap in the barn.  While she wasn't hurt in any way, her grumpy face and loud MEOWing gave us a few chuckles.

The first batch of broilers FINALLY got out on pasture.  The weather had been so miserable that they stayed in the brooder far longer than normal. This meant that the second batch of broilers had to live in a big hopper in the shop for more than a week.  Now, everyone is where they belong...and we are less than TWO weeks from fresh chicken for the Market!

The sheep were the big winners this week.  The change in the weather meant that the grass is finally starting to grow steadily and the sheep could leave the confines of the barn for greener pastures.  This change is a cause for much rejoicing each Spring.  The green grass means that hay consumption ends and the feed bill lessens. (well, a little)

Then, there are the blossoms...lots and lots of beautiful apple and peach blossoms!  Here's hoping for lots and lots of beautiful apples and peaches.

The seeming endless flats of transplants for the hoophouses actually got planted this week.  
The hoophouses are almost in full production for the season.  It's time to start more seeds!
The squash and cucumber seeds have begun to sprout!  That means we are only about 60 days from fresh, delicious squash, cucumbers and pickle making season.

In anticipation of the upcoming week's big project of planting out the brassica crops, all the broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage seedling were taken out of the greenhouse and put in the trailer outside so that they could harden off some prior to planting.  By putting them in the trailer, we can also keep them protected from any severe weather by simply pulling the trailer into the barn. 

 The cats have taken to sleeping in the trailer with the plants. I reckon this way we don't have to worry about any small rodent attacks. 

As always, the end of the week is Market Day.  For two weeks, I have taken my camera, intending to take pictures at the Market and for two weeks, I have gotten busy and forgotten about it.  We've had wonderful weather and great sales both weeks. The Boss posts Market pictures on a weekly can check those out HERE.

 This week we had a visit from some very special friends and their new baby.  This is Buzz, Britainy and Zion on their visit to the Market. Can't tell you how we enjoyed seeing them! 
Those are the highlights from the week on the hill.  Thanks for taking the little virtual tour with us.  I hope you'll come back again soon!

                Happy Sunday!

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