Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 4-21

This week we saw far more clouds than sun and received over an inch of rain.  So...guess what?

All those outside jobs we had planned didn't get done...and will be on the top of the to-do list for the upcoming week.

While it is a bummer to get our plans changed again...all the rain made everything amazingly green.

The hoophouse crops thrive when the weather is rather dreary. Things are looking great in both, particularly since the wet weather forced us to work inside for a couple of days.

I was glad to find a number of ladybugs in the arugula. (look close, this one looks like it has a smile) Unfortunately, I also spotted flea beetles and the first grasshopper of the season.

Jed took advantage of all the rainwater to find a new drinking spot.
Yes, that IS the top of the trashcan.

You think Jed is environmentally conscious and utilizing the rainwater in a effort to conserve?

Come on...this is JED we're talking about...he's not going green...he's just being grody (as usual)  He looked rather embarrassed when he realized I was watching.

I guess that qualifies as our farmyard funny for this week.

The signs of Spring are just "busting out all over".  There are blossoms and blooms and little leaves just about everywhere...

...and the maple tree is just covered with teeny, tiny seedpods that look like helicopters.

Unfortunately, Spring is very fickle.  Following Friday's thunderstorm, the temperatures plummeted again. 

FROST was quite heavy this morning, making us very glad that the baby tomato plants are still safely in the greenhouse, where they will live for a while longer...until we are certain the weather will stay warm.

The Boss got some tilling and weeding done between rain showers.  The garlic crop is looking great!

We finished off the week with a birthday celebration for T-bone and Blondie who share a birthday month.  There are no pictures of the birthday folks...but, we did have TWO birthday cakes! That's definitely worth a picture...or two.
pig pickin' cake

red velvet cake
                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY(S)...y'all!

Thanks for taking time for a little visit here on the hill today.  Please come again!


Happy Sunday!

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