Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Every Day is EARTH Day on a Farm

Contrived holidays really bug me.

Which is just part of my reason for waiting to post my “earth day” blog…and then…we’ve been just a little bit busy with that whole “growing season” thing that overtakes our lives at certain times of the year.


I must ask...

Why is any ONE day any more “important” than any other day?

Why do we have to have a day set aside to let your mom know she’s special (Mother’s Day), make you lover feel loved/wanted (Valentine’s Day) …or for that matter, recognize that we REALLY need to be conscious and caring of the Earth…the only one we have…(Earth Day)?

In every case, it is a sad state of affairs if we only take one day out of the whole year to note the great importance of these relationships (or any of the other “special” holidays). As a mother, lover…and inhabitant of the earth…I really think all of these (and many more) require far more than just one day’s worth of our attention.  Each relationship should be part of our thinking absolutely every day.

I can’t think of any farmers that celebrate Earth Day. Although, there are those organizations that did special recognition to farmers on April 22. ...and that's pretty cool. Check this out.

Every farmer I know (and all those I only read about) is paying special attention to their stewardship of the earth…EVERY DAY.  They would be foolish not to. Make that WE would be foolish not to.   Those of us who make our living by the land know in a way not truly comprehended by the rest of the population---we’ve only got one earth and we really need to take care of it.  Regardless of farm size or farming practice, these folks are making the best decisions they can based on the information and resources available. Good stewardship is crucial to being sustainable.

Every choice we make here on the farm impacts our lives and environment and ultimately the world…and we KNOW it.  Decisions concerning crops, fertilization, tilling and animal husbandry all have long-lasting effects and we are mindful of that.  We have learned many lessons the hard way and make every attempt not to make the same mistake twice. The same can be said for every single farming operation around the country.

This is not where I intended to go when I started typing…but…

Politics aside, Al Gore was right when he said...

“Farmers are the first environmentalists.” Presidential debate 10-17-2000

Each farmer must be actively involved with the environment.  And they are. We cannot ignore or escape the fact that our lives and living are intrinsically tied to the land…this "big, blue marble"  is the only home we have. We acknowledge and appreciate that fact. Every.Single. Day.

Farmers are getting some real bad press right now.  Most of that bad press is only possible because so very few folks understand what is required to produce the vast amounts of food, fiber and fuel to provide for everyone. That makes me so sad. Farmers are good, hard-working folks who don't need to set aside one day a year to focus on the Earth...every day we focus on reducing waste, keeping the land and animals healthy, being more efficient and economical and you might be surprised how much recycling is part of any farm.

All of earth’s inhabitants should recognize that farmers everywhere are doing the best they can and that consumers need to make some effort to understand production and practice conservation.  While there are things that consumers cannot be expected to truly understand, it would be so nice if we all tried to get along.
If you are concerned about farms and their practices and effects on our world… ask questions. Many of the things that non-farmers do not understand are actually done with great thought  and concern for the animals in our care and the environment.  Much of the “information” passed around and promoted on the internet is just plain wrong.

If you are concerned…find out the truth. There are lots of folks (including ME) who would be glad to aid in the quest for true knowledge.

So, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Replenish and Restore…turn off unnecessary lights, reduce water consumption, plant a seed or tree  and ride your bike if you can…all in deference to Earth Day…but, please recognize the incredible efforts put forth by that 2% of the population to feed, clothe and offer shelter the everyone else all while practicing these tenets on the farm.

...and let's all make an effort to remember these things affect our home...the Earth... EVERY DAY...not just once a year!

Have you got a question?  Want to make a comment?  Please do! I welcome your input.

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