Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday Thankful: SPRING


Okay, Spring doesn’t officially begin until a little later today, but…


While this feels like a cold, cruel joke in our part of the world…where the snow and ice still maintain their tenacious grasp and the forecast includes more of the same, where it seems like we haven't seen the sun or felt its warmth in weeks if not months,
where green grass and blooming flowers are dim and distant memories…

...despite the cold winds are still howling and the mud that threatens to overwhelm us...


The official start of Spring may seem like an arbitrary date, because it certainly doesn't feel different, but it actually has a basis in science. 

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, the vernal equinox (or spring equinox) takes place in March when the sun passes over the celestial equator. This year, the sun will move across the invisible line between hemispheres on Thursday at 12:57 p.m. EDT.   HUFFINGTON POST march 20, 1014   

So, while the "official" first day of Spring doesn’t actually mean that it immediately feels warmer and flowers burst forth and the birds begin singing…it does mark some definite differences.  The change in the sun’s angle means that any snow we do have (and yes, it really IS in the forecast AGAIN) won’t last long. The hours of available daylight have increased (no real thanks to daylight savings time) and grant us some much-needed energy and a healthy dose of vitamin D as we finally get to those outdoor projects that were repeatedly delayed by the endless winter weather.  And the seemingly incessant winds of late March begin to dry the mud caused by the melting snow and ice and will eventually allow us to return to the gardens. 

The date on the calendar gives us hope of the warmer, brighter days to come. Winter is officially OVER and the summertime beckons!  We made it through the Winter (officially)! Now we can begin to eagerly anticipate the time when the animals can return to grazing and the cycle of planting and harvest can begin once more.

If nothing else, the first day of Spring gives us some much-needed HOPE…

…and for that I am thankful!


  1. Lovely sturdy lamb Barbara - and I love those iris-like blue flowers too.

  2. It snowed in London on July 11, 1888. I sincerely know....
    Felled with a migraine. Was looking forward to walking outside with Josephine today but it is too bright out even with sunglasses. Like an icepick in my eye. Have a blanket over the bedroom window to make it darker. Feel like Mole in The Wind in the Willows.


  3. Gorgeous little blue flower. What is it?

    1. It is a Dutch Iris. I love how it bloomed through the snow! Unfortunately,I do not remember the variety.