Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Walkabout 3-9

Did you SPRING forward?

I won’t go off on my deep dislike of the time change… But, I will say this…for something that is supposed to help farmers…it certainly makes things difficult.  Because, you see…animals cannot tell time.  They remember the routine, they sense the light and they KNOW when feed and care is required. And, they will remind everyone and everything else!  My sympathies are extended to each and every dairy farmer every time we change the clocks. 

Sorry…so…back to what’s going on around here…

Gus "helps" with the snowblowing
The weather of March is notoriously wild and this week was no exception.  From TWO degrees one day to 64 another, the changes were dramatic. We saw snow, ice…and finally THE SUN!  The weather forecast indicates that we may have seen the last of the Polar Vortex and I hope that means that we can spend some serious time in the hoophouses.  (there are less than 4 weeks to Opening Day of the Market…and I am getting a little nervous…looks like it will be slim pickin’s this year)
the potato garden

icicles on the pines
icicles on Waylon

hmm, don't know if he's catching snowflakes
or commenting on the weather

this is a real ANGRY bird
The broiler chicks finally got out of the big box in the shop and into the brooder house. They will grow out in the brooder house for a couple more weeks until the weather warms enough for them to go out into the pasture pen. We got an email that the next batch will be arriving at the end of the month…and so it begins…
in the brooder

warm and toasty night under the hover light in the brooder

We worked all the lambs this week.  They all got a booster shot and the ram lambs were separated from their “little boy parts”. (I'll spare you a picture of THAT) The booster shot will protect them from tetanus and clostridial diseases.  After losing a number of lambs to disease last year, we will do everything we can to protect them in the future. There are no ill-effects of this treatment and they were all cavorting wildly shortly after treatment.

looks like they're posing for a family portrait


A tour through the hoophouses revealed that there is much to be done in the upcoming warm weather and there WILL actually be crops to harvest for Market.  

That discovery was a much needed boost of encouragement.

The growing season is fast approaching!

It doesn’t really matter that it snowed again this week….the snowblower is broken...or that mud season is back with a vengenance…

There are crocus blooming in the back lawn…

We can hear the wild turkeys calling to each other as they start their Spring courtship.  I could swear the grass is getting green!

 …and I saw a large flock of geese fly off into the sunset last night.

…and today's sunrise brings with it all the promises and possibilities of a new day...

…a new week.

                 Happy Sunday!


  1. Hi Barbara!
    Holy Crow! Waylon looks like the Abominable Sheep, man.
    What a beautiful Sunday walkabout.
    Still sick. Tired, but not "sick tired" you know? However, have had laryngitis for two days now. Complete lack of voice unless I whisper. Husband thinks it's hilarious. He's fond of calling me Squeaky. Can't complain, though. He has taken care of me well. God has blessed us both with good spouses, huh?
    Thank you for your prayers from Virginia to Heaven to Maryland :)

    1. Sorry you're still feeling bad. No voice? How awful!
      We have a cat named Squeekie. She can't meow like regular cats. She sort of "whispers".
      Glad you have a good husband to take care of you. That's a real blessing!
      Feel better!

  2. Such beautiful photos. Made my day.

    1. Thanks, Barbara!
      Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Come on back to visit!