Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Walkabout 3-30

We’re into the final countdown to Market season, but I am trying desperately not to think about it.   Last year I wrote about the annual phenomenon in “March Madness”   Read this. This year is slightly different, but we are definitely in preparation (possible melt-down) mode. 

I am trying desperately to overlook the fact that I got NOTHING on my “off-season” to-do list done…and we’re seriously behind in production because we have been living in the world of FROZEN all winter.  (seriously, people…I know you loved the movie, but stop with the singing!)…and it is snowing furiously as I type…on the 30th of March.  The Saturday Market opens on April 5, and at this point I am just hoping we don’t need snow shovels.

But, despite the weather…

snow 3-26 is snowstorm #2 in less than a week…attempting to recover from a tooth extraction AND a sinus infection (at the same time)…and having a few sick sheep, we actually saw some progress this week.  YAY    

Gus is my vet assistant
There are three animals under observation in the barn for various ailments.  At this point, it looks like they will all recover and I’ll tell you about my role as “ole Doc Mama” some other time. All the other animals are doing incredibly well, although they do seem pretty cranky about the lack of fresh greens.
What a face!

The grass IS greener on the other side of the fence!
Our first job for the week involved moving all the broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage plants onto the utility trailer for “hardening off”.
beautiful broccoli plants

This allows them to acclimate to the weather conditions in a somewhat controlled situation.  If it’s going to be very cold or violent weather is predicted, they are transported to a safer spot.  When it’s actually time for them to go in the garden (the day after tomorrow…hahahaha) they will be strong and vigorous.  Presently, they are sitting in the tractor shed. I really didn’t intend for them to get snowed on…yes, inside the tractor shed.
snowy cauliflower plants

  Looks like we’ll be moving them…again!

first of many loads of transplants to hoophouse
The Boss worked on cleaning the hoophouses, so I could do more planting. He even did some much-needed repair work on #1.  I am happy to report that hoophouse #1 is in full production.  Now…onward to #2. Thankfully, we did have some crops survive the winter and we don’t have re-plant the entire house (yet).
beginning hoophouse repair

I started more seeds.  Lots more seeds. 
Lettuce seeds
Did you know different colors of lettuce have different colored seeds?

Know what this means? 

 Less than two months and it will be time to break out the pickle and relish recipes…
It will be CUCUMBER time!
By providing bottom heat for the seedlings, we get great, quick germination.  This sequence only took a couple of hours! (the growth process slows considerably after sprouting)

The other seedlings are making progress, too.  The tomato plants are getting their first true leaves. 

The Chinese cabbage is starting to get its frilly leaves that form the head.

 This sea of green will be a welcome sight to all those arugula fans out there.

...and the green onions are finally growing!

Now, it looks like the snow will continue for the better part of the day…I’d wave a white flag of surrender, but, I’m pretty sure it would just blend in with our surroundings. Honestly, this is getting just a little monotonous.
choretime 3-30

Thankfully, I brought in a few daffodils yesterday…they sure brighten up the windowsill.

Here’s hoping you’re warm and comfy and having a

              Happy Sunday!

If you happen to see our SPRING…please send it this way! 

at this point even GUS seems less than thrilled with the snow


  1. Cannot believe that it's still snowing! Your young plants are an impressive
    sight indeed. A lot of work ahead planting them out in the field, though.
    Don't you just love the sight of a sprout pushing its way through the soil?
    Beans are among my favorites because of that thick "shoulder" they have.

  2. I think Gus looks in contemplative mode Barbara.
    Your seedlings look to be doing well. Yes, snow is a set back but we farmers are used to such things
    and everything will turn out alright I know.