Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Walkabout 3-16

How can it be Sunday again?  Already?

Time sure speeds up after we change the clocks.  I mean, it’s a real phenomenon…someone should study it! I have been aware of this for some time. Here, read this! 

Whether time is speeding up or not…it is definitely Sunday…and here’s our little walkabout.

"wave clouds"
aren't they cool?
I was going to make a pointed effort NOT to mention the weather today.  But, the “s” word is in the forecast once more.   But, can I just say…I AM SO TIRED OF WINTER!! ?  We have so much work that needs to be done…and I (we) really want to do it…but, cold, wet soil is not conducive to any sort of field work.
I honestly thought that this endless winter was the first in a long time.  Apparently, this is not the case. You can  read this from last year.  Okay, enough with the weather whining.

We managed to work in the hoophouses on two separate occasions this week. 

all the green matter keeps the egg yolks bright

Not only does the Boss’ weeding/cleaning make it possible for me to plant, the hens get a much-appreciated green feast.  With the temperatures heading down to the lower teens again, I didn’t do much transplanting, even though there are bunches of tiny plants ready.  But, I did get some onion sets planted.

The very fact that we even have the onions sets is a perfect example of one of the many reasons I love living in a small town where lots of folks know you.  When I walked into the farm store to pay our bill last week, I exchanged greetings with the cashier.  One of the managers said…”Hey! Doin’ any plantin’ yet? ‘cause we got onion sets!   I know you always start lookin’ for them now…and we got ‘em for ya!”  Oh my…I had nearly forgotten.  I think everyone in the store chuckled when I quickly stepped out of line and hurried to get the onions…which are now safely tucked into a bed in the hoophouse where they will grow quickly to provide green onions for Market in just a few weeks. It pays to have connections that look out for you!
Onion sets are tiny onions planted to get bigger onions
we pull them before they bulb for green onion sales

The Boss worked on the new/old brooder project. 

new floor

new windows
It just needs to have the light fixtures hung and some shavings on the floor and it will be ready for the next batch of layer chicks that are arriving in about three weeks.  Or is it the batch of broiler chicks arriving in two weeks? I’m not sure. We are going to have chicks all over the place shortly! The story of the re-purposing is sure to follow.

We had a little surprise on Thursday morning.  I’ll post the whole story of the new lambs later.  But, here’s the first picture of them. It’s a ram/ewe lamb pair and yes…everyone is fine.

In other news, our Winter Sales have come to an end for the season.  Ordinarily, we would go one more week and then take a break ‘til Market.  But, we need to spend some serious time planting and getting ready for Market season.  Hopefully we will get that chance this week. And, there’s not a whole lot of stuff for us to sell anyway… 

We want to say a special THANK YOU to all our “off-season” customers.  Y’all are the best!

 Just 3 weeks 'til Opening Day of the Market!

The upcoming week promises to be somewhat noteworthy.  There should be some "interesting" weather,a trip to the dentist, battles with the greenhouse bugs,
bugs on the seedlings in the greenhouse
healthy plants DO get attacked
 lots of work (hopefully), maybe a roadtrip to pick up seed potatoes...

SOME of the transplants
looks like I better get busy!

a few minutes to appreciate our beautiful surroundings…

and the crazy antics of the animals.
Gus has taken to pulling giant weeds out the fenceline
Let's hope he'll continue this during the summer!

The cats wait in the garden beds and then ambush one another
It's like watching a nature documentary

Hope y’all have a great week wherever you are and whatever you might find to do.  Come back and visit us again real soon!

Happy Sunday!

You know it's been a long winter when the WEEDS look pretty!


  1. Hey Barbara! I love that cat photo with Gus looking on from the corner.
    Husband and I are looking for somewhere to retire (a relative term). It it wasn't so far from Leesburg, VA where brother is and Hamilton, NJ where kids/grandkids are, we'd be on the next wagon train down to Mddlebrook. LOVE a neighborly town.

    1. I think Gus was probably bummed that he wasn't in on the "fun". I'm pretty sure he thinks he is a cat. For some reason, he tries to do everything they do. Tree climbing, sleeping in the hay...and he LOVES cat food.
      Life in a small town like Staunton (Mbrook doesn't even make small...more like microscopic...we only have a post office and one small store) is great.

  2. All those transplants in the hoop house are an impressive sight. You're quite
    a pro! Don't envy you the job of setting them all out though.

    1. Thanks Sheila!
      Transplanting is actually one of my favorite jobs. Pop my ear buds in, crank the tunes and I'm off. I love the look of the "instant garden" when I finish.