Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Walkabout 1-26

from the ram paddock (morning chores)
The story this week has been the cold and the wind…and snow. Temperatures in the single digits, at least 5 inches of snow and the relentless wind. (not that the wind is anything new)  While it’s colder and windier elsewhere I am sure…it is really cold and really windy here on the hill!  And, I can’t say that we’ve been enjoying this weather---at all.
from the ram paddock (afternoon chores)

Except for Gus.  He loves the wind and the blowing snow.  …and doesn’t seem to understand why no one is interested in playing with him. But, his antics are amusing (when we’re not distracted by freezing to death).

only Gus could have this much fun with an empty cat food can!

We are stuck in a perpetual cycle of on with the hat/coat/coveralls/gloves/boots and then off with the hat/coat/coveralls/gloves/boots again.  Every time we go out to check on the animals, gather the eggs, get some firewood, feed the bottle lambs, open/close/irrigate the greenhouses, we have to go through the same routine.  It’s getting a little old to say the least. …and unfortunately all the off and on again disrupts any sort of work rhythm—okay, that’s my excuse any way. To make matters worse, the office is the furthest point from the woodstove, which means I may suffer frostbite while sitting at my desk. (only a slight exaggeration)
There are some amazing icicles
(no, not in my office)

One of us is marking a milestone birthday…it ends in “0” and is a half of something or other.   So, the whole family gathered at Tbone and Blondie’s last night for delicious food and family fun.  …and the Beermeister and Toughchick picked a great movie that we all enjoyed.  A good time was had by all and I got some really cool presents, hand-made by my talented daughters.  I love these people!
Ain't this birthday cake PURTY?

a hand-spun crocheted lamb
on a customized laptop sleeve
(photo doesn't do it justice)

After yesterday’s moderating temperatures (we actually reached 30*), snow was blowing at a furious rate when we returned home last night. There are little drifts in front of the shop and the barn. …and the bitter cold has returned and it is supposed to get colder!  But, rather than whine about the weather (I’m saving that for another post) here are a few pictures from the other side of Mbrook.  From this perspective, I can understand why some people think we live in the middle of nowhere. ...and again I'll say...we are blessed to live in a beautiful place.

we are located at about 3 o'clock in this picture
it looks like we're tucked into the trees
not perched on top our hill

I truly hope that you are warm and cozy and enjoying a very

 Happy Sunday!

I also hope that in the upcoming week we can find a way to adjust to our new frozen farm life.  It has been warmer in Alaska than it has been here….for at least a week.

Have a good one, y’all!  Come back soon!

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  1. Know all about that on with hat, coat, gloves, boots and scarf then off with it all and then half an hour later get all togged up again. Very tiring.
    Happy birthday = that cake looks so inviting, wish I could share a slice.

  2. Thanks, Pat! Wish you could have shared a slice, too. You could have joined us for coffee, cake and a good long chat.