Friday, January 3, 2014

A Friday Funny

 (...or yet another reason I get nothing done...)

It's Friday, we've completed our preparations for tomorrow's delivery run, it's too dang cold to do much outside (it finally reached 19* at noon) and my level of motivation is non-existent.

So, for your viewing is the latest in the adventures of Gus and Tess.

Hey...Tess!  Tess?  You in there, Tess?

                             I am hiding, Gus...I am HIDING!  Go 'way.

Hide and seek?  We're playing Hide-n-seek? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Apparently you do NOT understand.  I am HIDING...and I do not wish to play with a dog.

Uh, okay, but, maybe I can get you out like this...I really want to play!

                                           Come on, Tess...I think I want to hide, too.

                                           No, I'm hiding!...and...You can't get me!

                                             But, Tess...I really wanna hide...


Hey, that was pretty funny, almost got me!

Now, I've got you...this is fun.
I think I like this game!

This went on for ages, until Gus got bored and/or distracted and headed elsewhere for excitement.  At which point Tess poked her head out and I'm pretty sure she said...

"I thought that dog would never leave!"

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

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  1. And she probably added "and that mouse I was watching carefully is miles away by now."