Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yee-haw and Amen

The dawning of a new week is somewhat of an adventure, a bit of a gamble as it were.   The prospect of success and the possibility of accomplishment are first and foremost in our minds.  While there is the ever present opportunity for complete and utter failure, most of the time we face a new week with a positive outlook. 

This past week was no different, although we knew that it might be a push to keep on track and get everything accomplished.  Okay…I don’t think we ever get EVERYTHING accomplished…so…get MOST things accomplished.

The fair photo session and the birthday cake/supper seemed simple enough additions to the week.  Then, the rest of the chores during the week seemed to take on a life of their own.  The rain kept coming…the Boss was gone to the Wednesday Market…then the ‘coons got into the corn… Would we make it?

I am here to tell you we persevered…we did it!

The hoophouses are weeded…AND have been mostly re-planted for fall/winter harvest.

The crops have been harvested…and taken to the Market for sale.

The Fair was photographed…the Boss did some great work.  Check THIS out!

Some kale and turnips were seeded.  They have germinated, too!

The Boss got after the weeds in the brassica beds.

I planted out the last of the cukes and zukes. …and I got them mulched.

We received an order of seeds that should get us through the winter growing season. We even got a discounted price!

We saved some, a lot, of the corn from the raccoons/groundhogs or some perverse little creatures. (and sold it all)

The ewes are indeed getting bred. Yay, Waylon!

…and the birthday cake was deemed “AWESOME” by the “birthday girl”.

…oh…and the Boss brought me flowers! 
No, no particular reason…he’s just a good guy. J 

Flower Fields, …they are beautiful!

With another great Market behind us, we can say THANK YOU to our customers…

          …take a little break on Sunday…

…thank the Lord for another successful week and look forward to another one starting first thing Monday morning.


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