Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Mid-August is one of those “push” times on the farm.  Experience tells us that winter will be here far sooner than we could possibly imagine, especially when we are sweltering in the summer heat and humidity.

Any green crops that are going to overwinter need to be going in the ground soon…very soon.

The hoophouses need some major attention---weeding, clearing, and planting---soon…very soon.

Any seed orders for winter stuff need to be placed soon…very soon.

The corn, potatoes and winter squash demand monitoring.  They should be harvested soon…very soon.

The onion crop, “curing” in the barn needs trimming and sorting, and to be put in storage soon…very soon.

The sheep should be breeding soon…very soon.
While we can't do anything about this one; it is an ongoing concern.

There are seeds to start, tomatoes to pick, and vegetables to can, freeze and/or dry. The green beans should be ready soon…very soon.

The last of the field crops can/should be planted.  There are squash and cucumber starts that just might be able to mature before the cold weather sets in for good.  The last of the broccoli and cabbage plants are awaiting planting. We need to do that soon, too.

There is still daily harvesting to do in the cucumber and squash patches. Oh, and what about the okra? Better check that SOON!

There are bugs and disease to battle, laundry and housework to do, and life to live...

In addition to the normal planting schedule around here, when you add the routine chores and Market preparation, sometimes it seems there might not be enough hours in the day…or the week.

But, this week has the added intrigue of two days of photographing at the R’ham County fair (The Boss has a paying gig and invited ME along)
 AND a birthday. 

No matter how old the kids get, we’ll always have to have everyone over for supper and birthday cake. J

So far, we’re doing pretty good. 

                    …okay, so it IS only Tuesday.  That’s why I keep saying …

I think I can…

     I THINK I can…

            I think I CAN…

                I THINK I CAN…

                        (it worked for the little engine! )

By the end of the week, I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to say...

                                                         WE KNEW WE COULD! J

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