Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hey Y'all...Watch 'is!

Yes, I realize those are the infamous last words of rednecks everywhere. However, I wanted you to see what happens when I call the sheep.

When I call the sheep, I holler “SHEEP!” and wait….

It doesn’t matter if it’s pitch-black outside or if they’re far away and cannot see me…. Occasionally I get impatient and have to bang the bucket…then they REALLY run!

This time they were down in the lower front paddock, out of sight, and nearly out of earshot. They generally “answer” so I know they are on the way.

But, when I call the lambs it is a different story. Here I yelled, “Kitty, kitties!”

This was not a one-time occurrence; I discovered the phenomenon when one of the barn kitties went missing. They've come running when I've called the Boss or one of the dogs as well.

I’m fairly certain I could call anything and they would still come. It has something to do with the tone…not the words. Years ago we had a flock of lambs that came EVERY time the fire siren went off at the VFD down in M’brook. EVERY TIME!

I hope you will note that this post proves a few things.

Sheep know their shepherd’s voice (or at least tonal quality).

Lambs have absolutely NO vocabulary skills.

My “little camera” shoots some pretty good video. Although, I need some work as a videographer.

I am not exaggerating about the wind around here. The rushing noise is actually wind!

And, last but not least….

It would appear that I have way too much free time.

But, I DO love my job!

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