Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Sign of the Times

Despite the weeks of oppressive heat, summer is the time to think about winter time warmth. That is, if you heat with wood.

We’ve heated with wood for years and years. We love the zonal warmth you get with a woodstove and the atmosphere the first creates. Our current woodstove also has a flat top for cooking amazing beans and chili…and soups, too. Oh, I’ve got myself looking forward to winter!

“Back in the day”, The Boss would source the wood, cut the wood, haul the wood, split the wood, and then he and the girls would stack the wood. Our move to the Valley changed a lot of that. Then our wood-stackers moved on as well.

Still committed to wood heat, now we have it delivered. It is said that wood provides heat many times…in the chopping, splitting, and then the burning. Despite the fact that we miss out on some of the steps these days, we still get more than one warming from our load of wood.

While that big mess of firewood is another item on the “to-do” list, it is also a sign of the times.

Winter is comin’…and we’re gonna be ready!

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