Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Magnificent Creature

As a giant dog breed, the sheer size of a Great Pyrenees is astounding. A well-groomed Pyr can be an awesome sight.

Our neighbor is a lover of the giant dog breeds. As a past president of the local chapter of the SPCA, a former dog breeder and owner of 3 or 4 Great Danes, he is most definitely a “dog person”.

When we first got Jed, Neighbor made friends with him, bringing him cookies and talking nicely to him. Once Jed reached maturity, Neighbor referred to him as “oh, you magnificent creature” repeatedly. It may have gone to Jed’s head.

Between the excessive heat and the recurrent thunderstorms of late, Jed has felt it necessary to dig himself a bunker next to the house. The reason for the location of the bunker remains a mystery to us. Tucked between the compressor and the storage shed, he’s out of the wind and rain and can hide from the thunder.

The bunker has grown quite large of late, and the fine, fine dust that makes up the inner part of the hole looks like it might offer some level of comfort. Although the combination of the dust and Jed’s wet, wet fur have caused a new issue.

He’s not looking so magnificent these days!

Oh, dear….dog bath blog…here we come.

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