Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rollin', Rollin' on the REEFER

There is a change in the light around the first of September. Some mornings there is a little chill in the air. Acknowledging the seasonal changes and anticipating the impending harvest of potatoes, last week The Boss was heard to say …”I gotta get rollin’ on the reefer!” One thing about our long shared history, we often get a chuckle when we least expect it.

So, with apologies to Credence Clearwater Revival, here’s what’s happening in the reefer remodel project.

After a slow-down in momentum (Home Depot did not have the special insulation necessary…we had to make a return trip), the action began in earnest this week.

As the entire reefer is not going to be used as a cooler (yet), it was necessary to put in a door.

Since the door was only primered, I got to paint.

A hole had to be cut for the a/c unit. The original hole for the refrigeration unit had to be filled in.

The electrical work will be happening today. That will complete the cooling portion of the reefer. Then, we’ll be chillin’ big time.

A big project completed with only SEVEN trips to Lowe’s. That may be a new record!

I only wish I could think of some appropriate song lyrics...

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