Saturday, September 17, 2011

Perfect Timing

The reefer is finally finished!

The Boss actually got it finished on Thursday.

After letting it run to cool down, we carted all of the onions out of the walk-in and put them on the newly installed shelves. We figure there are about a thousand pounds of onions in there.

That made the walk-in MUCH easier to use. There was actually shelf space to spare when getting ready for Market. Now that we are starting to harvest an abundance of fall greens, this is especially nice.

A number of checks on the temperature; we are assured that it is staying cold and not running constantly. That’s good…I was worried that the next electric bill might be frightening.

It’s a wonderful thing that the reefer got finished Thursday. We had a frost overnight…
and woke to see ice crystals on Friday morning. The first frost means an end to the growing season for a number of things, like tomatoes and peppers and maybe the squash. It also means that it’s time to get serious, real serious about getting those potatoes out of the ground. The completed reefer means we will have a place to store them.

Thankfully, that was the only COLD night, and we could put the potato harvest off until next week. That will be job #1…no, Job #2 for next week. Job #1 will be the sweet potatoes. They don’t need refrigeration, but more about them another time.

Next week, the reefer/cooler will be full of taters and onions. With a reefer/cooler of taters and onions…we’ll be ready for winter!

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