Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 7-7

alpenglow over the Allegheny Mountains on Sunday morning
Aaah!  It’s Sunday…our day to take it easy (relatively) and take stock of some of the things that happened here on the hill in the past week.

We had rain every single day Monday to Friday.  While the total for the week (somewhere just over 2 inches) isn’t really all that impressive, conditions were already wet and the daily rain occurrences kept us from doing all that we had planned. Again.
Awesome sunset

the sun is shining...just not on the farm
The wet, warm conditions are not only playing havoc with our schedule, the weeds and bugs are reaching epic proportion. That is a topic for a whole series of posts. (I’ll get to that when/if we get the bugs and weeds under control)  We are also starting to see evidence of heat related stress and disease in some of the plants.

Jed survived a traumatic haircut, at least three thunderstorms AND the Fourth of July celebrations.  Now it is the dog days of summer and I’m pretty sure that this is pretty much all we can expect from him until things get relatively cooler.

There is good news…the cucumber harvest is beginning (finally), the winter squash crop looks like it will be wonderful, and the corn made it to “knee high by the Fourth of July”.

We managed to beat the rain and get some new potatoes harvested.  They are beautiful!  They also sold well (and taste delicious!).  The yield rate is excellent, as well.

bush-hogging the "broccoli garden"
The broccoli/cabbage/cauliflower garden was bush-hogged and plowed in anticipation of planting the fall potato crop. This year's brassicas were record-setting.  I haven't run the figures yet, but it was MOST impressive! If the weather holds, the Boss should be able to get in and till and we should be able to get all the “fall” potatoes planted by Tuesday.  Here’s hoping!
plowing the "broccoli garden"

The Market was great on Saturday! We actually went a whole day without rain.

We added a new member to the “farm team” this week.  This is tiny Tess…although we may need to reconsider her name.  Those ears just say….YODA.

 Hopefully she will grow quickly and join Squeekie and Sissie in their efforts to rid the barn of rodents.  For now, she is content to chase dust bunnies in the house. (and believe me, there are plenty for her to chase)

That was our week. The upcoming week promises to be full of planting, harvesting, and a truck repair…

Thanks for visiting!  Hope the upcoming week is a great one for you.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Tess/Yoda - gorgeous kitten - those eyes, and the colour of her fur Barbara.

    I love that sunset - amazing. Also I do like to look around the crops on your farm, it is so interesting. I look forward to your calling on me.

  2. I will get there yet, Pat...and bring some wine along for good measure. :)