Thursday, July 11, 2013

Proof Positive

This post is mostly for the Boss’ cyber-friends…

you know who you are…

…the ones who are convinced that I do all the work around here.  Yeah, I know you’re “kidding”. But, you said since you hadn't seen any pictures...

Sometimes, I’m inclined to agree with you. Sometimes, it does seem that I do a little more than my fair share.  However, I generally only feel like that when I’m out of sorts about something else…or really, really tired and grumpy.

But the truth of the matter is that this place takes a whole bunch of teamwork. …and we ARE a team!

…and for the record, he didn’t pay me off.  I am not in trouble for anything and trying to make amends. Oh, and NO he didn’t hack my blogger account.  This is just part of my whole farming transparency and total truth campaign.

Every building on the farm is a tribute to the Boss.  He had a hand in absolutely everything standing here on the hill.
the house

the greenhouses

the hoophouses

the barn

The machinery runs (most of the time) due to his expertise and effort.

He mows, he tills, he weeds, he plants.  Sometimes he even does the dishes…

after T & A's wedding

He has supported me in all my farming ideas...even the ten years of milk cows.

He’s the muscle in the sheep operation.

He’s the chief vegetable and egg processor.

…and he can pack more into that Market trailer than anyone might imagine!
Yes, it really is THAT dark when we pack for Saturday's Market
...and YES, he had LOTS more to pack!

While it’s not directly farm-related, at the Market, he’s manager and photographer extraordinaire. If you haven't visited the Market's sites, here are the links... Staunton/Augusta Farmers' Market Facebook page and Staunton/Augusta Farmers' Market website.

He was the one that established our Market presence all those years ago.
Opening Day 1998

Farming can be hard, faith-building work. The weather related issues that have nagged the farm all this year are just the latest challenges that we have had to face.  It’s nice to share one's work with someone who you genuinely like,who shares your worldview and ambitions (or lack thereof)…someone who never lets things get too serious…

You GOTTA watch this! The Boss made a time-elapsed series of photos of our potato planting project last summer and set it to music.  It makes me laugh just to think about it.

Today, I’m thankful for the Boss. And all the things he does here on the hill.

Oh, and that I have proof positive to share with his friends. Hope y'all believe him now.

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