Friday, July 26, 2013

Sometimes You Win...

Yes!  We will actually have peaches for sale at the Market this week!  YAY

The weather has not been cooperative this season…not been cooperative at all. It was cold, snowy, wet, cloudy, hot, wet…are you seeing a pattern?

All the weather issues meant that the peach trees got absolutely no attention.  Not that they get that much anyway, we’re generally focused on other things and pruning and thinning and bug control are low priorities.  At least the inattention means we won’t have to have the never ending  “pesticide” conversation at the Market.

see the tiny peach in the middle?
When the trees blossom, there is always a chance we won’t get a harvest.  We seem to be in a cold pocket here on the hill, and often get brutal, freezing winds or frost when surrounding locations do not.  But, this year we missed that last cold snap.

We’ve been watching the peaches grow, waiting for them to ripen…anticipating that first taste.  MMMM, nothing quite like a peach right off the tree.
Sissie the cat helped keep an eye on the crop

Apparently, the beetles like fresh peaches as well. It always amazes me how they just appear…right at the moment of ripeness…helping themselves to the most lovely of specimens. 

Prompt action was necessary.  The peaches must be saved! I headed out with baskets and buckets...the Boss brought a ladder.

The chickens ended up having a peach feast (along with a little added beetle protein) as I gathered  the spoiled peaches. A good number were rescued for Market sales.

…and there were plenty of “not good enough for Market” peaches to make a pie.  A peach cream pie.

You just have to be thankful when there is PIE!


  1. Oh how I envy you being able to grow peaches Barbara. I am absolutely sure that they taste exquisite straight off the tree as you say. Rather like oranges atraight off the tree in Marrakesh. Theother thing that strikes me is how beautiful peach blossom is - I don't think I have ever seen it before.

  2. Oh Pat, I do wish you could come and eat peaches with us...and visit the Market. That would be something! Oh, I envy you the fresh oranges and Marrakesh. How very exotic!