Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 7-21

There was big news on the hill this week…
the sunrise through the apple tree

Well, it seemed like big news.

We finally saw the sun for an extended period of time! 
 That meant that it finally dried out enough to do some of the planting that we had been trying to do for WEEKS. (yes, literally) This is the first time in years (maybe ever) that we have just had to let some crops go entirely as the ground was too wet to get them planted in time. No sweet potatoes this year…and we missed at least one planting of squash and beans.  But, the crops that we did get planted are growing well.

We finally got all the fall potatoes planted.

 More importantly, the first couple of rows that the Boss just “mudded in” are coming up!  Unfortunately, the weed crop is looking pretty amazing, too, so he’s going to have some extra work on that one.

The fall brassica crop got planted. 

 That included over 800  broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.  They should be ready to harvest about mid-September.

new plantings after the rain...looking pretty good
We even had a few thundershowers to water these for us. (although it’s been incredibly hot, so we are also running the irrigation system for the first time this season) The heat index was 102* several days this week. 

 I must admit, working with sweat rolling down my face is not my idea of fun…but, it is July in the Valley and heat and humidity are just part of the deal.
The hazy view indicates the heat and humidity

Despite the weird weather and all the delays it has caused, we had a full (really full) vegetable stand at the Market.  It was a very good day. 
we used every inch of our allotted space at the Market

It looks like the warm weather will cause the damson plums and the peaches to ripen for next week’s market.  That is, if we can beat the bugs!

Coming back from our hay hauling trip, we encountered a traffic jam of sorts.  A milk truck was heading north and a tractor was heading south…Mbrook Road is fairly narrow, so all parties took it real slow, waved and continued on their way.  You’ve just got to love life in the country!

We’re taking some time to relax and re-charge today. 
The upcoming week will involve hauling lambs, processing broilers, harvesting onions, weeding, planting and harvesting among other things.  Summertime has really arrived!

Thanks for visiting.

Happy Sunday! 

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  1. Barbara, how I wish I could visit that market - your stand looks so inviting. The fields look good too - I think after all the hard work in that heat it must be so satisfying to stand back and admire your handiwork. The trouble is that as the crops grow so do the weeds.