Wednesday, October 24, 2012

EVERY Day Should Be Food Day

Today is Food Day. 

Did you celebrate?

Did you do something special in observance?

Did you even KNOW?

I must admit...this one sneaks up on me.  I mean to get the word out...I mean to talk it up, blog about it...whatever...but, generally my hands are too dirty with the mess of everyday living to get anywhere near my keyboard!  And so far, all my mental messages to those in cyber-space have gone unanswered.


 “Food Day provides our community with an important opportunity to raise awareness for eating healthy, locally produced food. Purchasing local food is important for our community because it supports our county's farmers, boosts our local economy by keeping our food dollars in the community and provides our families with healthier food choices.” (Gore’s Meat Processing)

Across the nation, Food Day was observed in a variety of ways. There were celebrations, tastings, a few festivals and perhaps even a few sales.  While the goals of Food day are rather broad and sweeping, perhaps a little too vague in their message, they are worthy of consideration and conversation at the very least. 

Here on the hill, every day is food day.


That’s what we do around here.  We grow food, promote food, harvest food, eat food, talk about food, and ENJOY food. 

Every. Single. Day.

It seems that everyone is talking about food of late.  Good food, bad food,healthy food, trendy food, and food/drink that should be banned, taxed, or eliminated…after years and years of taking our food for granted, folks are finally starting to give some consideration to what they put in their bodies.

There are a lot of concern about the food supply and system here in the good ole U S of A.  While it is easy to identify the problems, I’m not so sure we’re going to find the answers easily.  It will take a good deal of thought and discussion and some very real, perhaps very difficult changes as society takes a good long look at FOOD.

In the meantime, here’s a little “food” for thought…

Learn about what you are eating—where it comes from, how it is produced, what all those weird words mean.  You might be surprised at what you learn.  You have absolutely everything to gain, and quite possibly everything to lose if you don’t.

I think EVERY day should be Food Day!

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