Thursday, September 20, 2012

Change of Seasons - Thankful Thursday

There has been a subtle change in the light lately.  

The change that indicates that fall is fast approaching always sneaks up on me, surprising me with its beauty.    While you might think that produce growers would wish for summer’s bounteous harvest to continue on endlessly, we welcome the change.

It's nice to "shift gears" and concentrate on something new and different.  The seasonal shift keeps us from getting overworked or bored by any one crop or activity.  There is always something new to look forward to and other things to remember with fondness. Or, in the case of parts of this past summer, a sense of accomplishment and survival.
Tuesday’s big rain ushered in some cooler temperatures, clearer skies and gave me a chance to get caught up on all that paperwork collecting on my desk.  After a big rain, we always have a stretch of glorious days when the world seems brand-new.

 Coupled with the sense of an upcoming change in the seasons, yesterday was particularly beautiful.

The change of seasons makes for a change in our workload, our diet and our outlook.    The hoophouse crops are being tucked into the ground for what we hope is a productive winter harvest season.   

While tomato sandwiches are great on hot summer days, we are beginning to look forward to soups and stews and comfort food made from the upcoming potato harvest.The other fall harvested crops will allow for great color, texture and taste on our supper table…and at the Market.
The views that just a few days ago seemed worn and tired are beginning to show little highlights of color, indicating that the fall foliage may be amazing this year.

The indication of the upcoming change of seasons makes me appreciative of the summer’s abundance and keeps me looking forward to the challenges that will come with cooler weather.

     (…and it means lambing season is that much closer J)

Now, that's something to be thankful for on this Thursday!

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