Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HOT Stuff!

This year’s pepper crop was remarkable. The plants were beautiful and prolific. With all those peppers, we decided to make chipotles. We have done this in the past with limited success.

Chipotles are simply smoked jalapeño peppers. Apparently, any smoked hot pepper can be called a chipotle, but jalapeños are the most common.

Here’s a quick photo essay of the chipotle making process.

The peppers are picked and cleaned.

Then, we dried them slightly in the greenhouse. When we made these in the past, we didn’t do this, and it took what seemed like forever to get them smoked and dried. If they are not fully dried, they will not last.

Then they went in the smoker. This part smelled SO good!

Once they were completely dried and smoked,
we packaged them for sale. They look pretty in their little cellophane bags.

Now, you may ask, what do I do with them?

Once the peppers are ground to powder, they can be added to anything requiring a little smoky heat. Chili comes to mind. The Boss likes to sprinkle some in fried potatoes. The possibilities are nearly endless.

There you have it…..HOT stuff from the farm.
CHIPOTLES....that's what we mean when we declare....we're smokin'!

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