Friday, November 11, 2011

Mothers and Daughters

You would think that the re-introduction of the ewe lambs to the ewe flock would be smooth and calm. Right?


Despite the fact that this is a family group, or perhaps because it IS a family group, there is more than a little dysfunction. Things get just a little testy. Butting and yelling are part of the process of sorting out the hierarchy. This can go on for days.

The Boss came to the rescue, and in an attempt to act as mediator in the tense relations, he took the whole gang to greener pastures. Worked like a charm! It’s really hard to argue with your mouth full.

By afternoon, they were all getting along quite well, enjoying the shade of the pines and grass up to their bellies.
They should be content to graze out here until the snow flies. Then, they will move to the barn lot for lambing season.

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