Thursday, November 3, 2011

When Sheep Fly

If the expression, “when pigs fly” referred instead to sheep, I would be fully expecting all sorts of dire and unusual things to happen.

I have nothing to document the tale I’m about to tell…except a bit of belly wool stuck on the top of the fencepost.

But, I watched a sheep “fly” over that fencepost…I did...I honestly did!

After a week of rain, followed by two days of wind, all the creatures on the farm were feeling somewhat out of sorts. (Okay, I am speaking for myself and just assuming about everyone else) The changing of the seasons only seems to intensify the feelings.

The gate that divides the feeing area from the rest of the paddock looks innocuous enough. But, when the sheep come down for feeding, all sorts of jostling and fussing ensue. It is not at all unusual for me to find myself eye-to-eye with a sheep as they try to peer over the fence to make sure that the feed is really going in the feeders. I usually just smack the offender in the nose, he/she jumps down and everyone goes on their way.

The other afternoon, I found myself looking a ewe straight in the eye. As I reached out to smack her down, another sheep shoved her from behind… The next thing I knew, she was sailing past my head (grazing my ear in the process). For just a split second, she teetered on the top of the fence. Before I could decide what to do if she was stuck, she hit the ground and ran off to the feeder. She gulped down the food quickly before I let the others in. She acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all.

There is a definite reason I call this ewe “Freak”! She’s definitely in a class by herself.

"Flying", I think I can safely say I have seen everything!

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