Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why You Should Shop EARLY at the Market

This is our stand at 7am opening time.

The baskets are fully stocked. We have coolers full of eggs, and the freezer is filled with an assortment of lamb and chicken. We will be replenishing the baskets as they empty from our stash in the trailer.

This is our stand at 8am, only one hour after the opening bell. Sorry, you'll have to use your imagination. I would take a picture of the crowds of people waiting to make purchases, but I don’t have time.

This is our stand at 9am…
if it’s not in the basket…we don’t have any more. Please don’t think we didn’t bring much, we did. Here are the numbers for one average week in August. The numbers indicate bags of lettuce/greens and pounds of everything else.
(The list does not include meat and eggs) That’s a lotta lettuce!

I feel bad that you’re disappointed that the eggs and lettuce are gone, but there’s always next week. We’ll be here every Saturday ‘til Thanksgiving.

Here is our stand at 10am.
Real slim pickin’s… From this point until closing time, we’re answering a lot of questions, promoting our products, and doing some visiting.

We are trying to take the advice from long ago “make/grow more stuff!” We grow more, sell more, and need more. Plans are being made for next growing season. How many beans should we grow? MORE! How many potatoes? MORE! How much okra? MORE! Squash? MORE! Lettuce and Spinach? MORE! MORE! MORE! You get the idea.

There’s not much left by the time closing comes at NOON. It’s time to pack it in, go home and eat lunch.

A short break on Sunday and we’re back at it bright and early Monday morning. We work all week to produce good food for your table…and ours.

The Market opens at 7…unless you have called, emailed, or texted me, you better be there…or someone else will beat you to the GOOD STUFF. …and that, my friends, is why you should get to the Market early…THE GOOD STUFF!

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