Tuesday, August 9, 2011

They Say Good Help is Hard to Find

Farm work is laborious, sometimes monotonous, and always done in less than ideal conditions. It isn’t any wonder that is hard to find folks willing to labor under such conditions for relatively little compensation.

Since our operation is quite small, and Tom and I have always worked well together as a team, the labor issues don’t affect us. Without employees, interns or apprentices, we are free to over-work, under-work and harass each other with no fear of repercussions. We manage to get a good amount of work done...and have a good time, too. (most days)

If anything, we find we get too much unsolicitied help from unlikely sources.

The helping paw or hoof or claw is offered us at the most unexpected moments.

If the old adage “laughter is the best medicine” has any validity…

...the shenanigans and animal antics around the farm mean we may even have the new health care initiative deal under control, too!

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