Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Walkabout 3-11

Suddenly, the winter that never was has become the winter that will not end.

March is known for its capricious weather, exquisite Spring-days give way to blustery snow flurries that cover the early spring blossoms. This year is no exception and we are under a winter storm warning from tonight at 8pm to tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. While the arrival time of said storm will greatly impact snowfall totals, chances are we will indeed see some of the white stuff.

This year is different in that this will be just the second time we have had measurable snowfall all winter. That’s right. Two snows with any sort of accumulation. Well under a foot in total snowfall. That can’t possibly be good. And, I don’t mean just for those who run the snowplow businesses. (for them it is potentially devastating) The lack of snowfall impacts the water table and will ultimately affect the growing season. That means yet another worry for the farming community.

As it stands, the weather models can’t seem to come into agreement, so we will just have to wait and see what happens. One good thing about March snows, while they come down fast and furious and often pile up the accumulations, the angle of the sun is such that the white stuff doesn’t hang around too long.

And, that’s a good thing! It’s just about time to get serious about the Spring planting season. All the farm stores have seeds and supplies piled high in preparation. Just about everyone I know has something started. And, the countdown to Market season has begun. Yikes!

It’s hard to believe that it’s less than FOUR weeks to Opening Day of the Staunton Farmers’ Market’s 25th anniversary season. Personally, it’s our 20th anniversary, and in many ways I feel less prepared than I did that first season. Although, that’s pretty much par for the course around here in March…check out these posts from the past.

At least we’re not just starting out like we were in 1998 or reeling from a scary diagnosis and facing major surgery. (like last year)

Every year has a new set of challenges. This year’s remain to be seen. All we can do is work hard, hold on and hope for the best.  …and try not to worry.

To that end, our week was filled with the regular, ordinary stuff of life on the hill. We hauled the last load of hay for the sheep. The Boss had a new crew to help this time.
Later, I found a mouse...
I guess she missed one!
Tess checked the load for any intruders, while Karma did her best to get right under foot all the time.
we might as well have been "Siamese-twins"

Karma is "helping"
Gus is "supervising" (see him under the wagon?) 

all done with the last load

it will be quite some time before we haul another hay wagon

My work in the greenhouse also included a little “assistance” from Karma.

While I thinned the broccoli seedlings...

she chewed up the flats

when I took those away
she started in on plant tags and stakes

Speaking of Karma, she has become fascinated with the sheep. So much so that she will climb through the fence to go in with the flock. At first this was cute and funny, then it got a little worrisome. If she can wiggle through the gates, she can go anywhere (un-supervised). She could even get out and get lost or hurt.

But, it is funny to see her stand on her back feet, clamber up the gate and catapult her fat, fuzzy self through to the other side.  The lambs and ewes don’t seem to mind. And, a couple of them go willing to have her pull the hay off their backs and lick the insides of their ears.
I thought she was just going to stand there...
but, she wiggled through the gate

she's our first Pyr to show an affinity for the sheep at such an early age

cleaning a ewe's neck

cleaning lamb ears

 The Boss has spent a fair amount of time attempting to “puppy-proof” things, only to find that something else needs his attention.
this is not some weird macrame
it's an attempt to contain Karma
except, the lambs keep chewing on it!

She’s requiring some close, constant supervision. And, quite honestly, Gus is growing weary of the job. I keep trying to assure him that she won’t be a puppy forever!

come out of the garden, Karma
(see? she fits through the fence)

I think his feet are getting sore from all the puppy bites

playing at sunrise

carrying a big stick

"pul-leeeeaase play with me, Gus!"

Gus: "seriously? this kid..."

And, that, my friends, is that. Another week in the history books here on the hill.

morning light
Hope you remembered to SPRING ahead!

Hope you’re having a Happy Sunday! 

Thanks for stopping by. Come “visit” again real soon!

 The Boss has been posting old photos from the Market's long history. Enjoy this blast from the past!
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  1. *Woof* Re-read the archived 2014/15 posts and am glad you are not up to your knees in snow and/or mud this year. Just be glad you do not live in New Jersey. 15" snow last week, same this week. Love the farm update and (yay) more Karma pics to grace my desktop. Hope the coming storm gives you needed water. Take care.

  2. We had huge snow falls a fortnight ago but they went once the sun came out.
    Lovely Karma photos.