Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday Walkabout 3-4

“…in like a lion…
                                ….out like a lamb…”

The wild, changeable weather of March has arrived.

(and, I must say…whoever came up with this weather adage never met OUR sheep!)

they knew I was lying and there was green, green grass out there!

that's when the Boss became the great sheep-hero
and opened the gate to "paradise"

grazing in February

You’ll have to make due with some photos of life here on the hill this week, I’m down with what seems to be a repeat performance of the germs that just won’t die…
So, original thought and coherency are a bit iffy at the moment.  

Think Spring! 


Did you know that February 27th is National Polar Bear Day?
(no, really!)
And, yes, MrB knows they are dogs
Actually, THIS was how March began...
then it should end on a glorious note, right?

looking for adventure (or puddles)
on a rainy day

I think I discovered the cause of the rapidly shrinking dirt pile behind the barn...
The "running of the lambs" has taken a new form. If you don't know what I am talking about, read THIS. It includes video, so be sure to watch...

a pile of lambs

up they go!

...and back down..
(on constant repeat)
The requisite "Karma shots" of the week...
heading out to do chores

checking the ewes' ears

telling the lambs good-night

We missed out on the big Nor-easter that blew through and caused so much damage for folks along the East Coast. For that we are truly grateful. But, the weather did change up our plans and force us to do inside jobs.

Gus needed wind goggles

You'll have to trust me...
a day this beautiful means
it's WINDY!

March on the farm

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you have a   

               Happy Sunday!  
 Come back and "visit" us again real soon.

rest easy...
we are safe from any and all errant cat food cans!


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