Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Walkabout 9-14

It’s time for our little Sunday farm tour. 

Despite the clouds and fog, we got a glimpse of the Harvest Moon

This gives you the chance to see what’s been happening on the hill and it gives me the chance to see that we really get stuff done and are not just running around in circles (that’s what it generally feels like).

This week was all about chickens.

layer pullet

Once a month from April to November, we spend one week focused on chickens. We processed chickens, moved chickens, got chickens, fed/watered chickens, sold chickens (and the Boss gathered/washed/sorted and packed bunches of eggs)…and yes, we even ate chicken!  
broiler chick

these chicks were not excited about moving to pasture

Gus checks out the new arrivals

broiler ready for freezer

"the grass is always greener..."

hawks are unwelcome visitors to a farm with chickens

The September batch of broilers is the last of the season.  It’s always slightly risky getting broilers this time of year.  Not because of any current weather threats…but, counting ahead until processing time puts us into November. And, you know what November can be like. Since we process the birds outside, we will start to pray for one warm-ish day in order to get them done without any cold weather issues.

Then, we…no, I…also spent a fair amount of time picking green beans this week.  I have picked well over 400 pounds of green beans this season. And, the plants are still producing. My back and legs are really going to appreciate the change of seasons!

Aside from chickens and green beans, it’s been pretty much the same old, same old around here. 

The lambs are grazing. 

 Waylon is keeping an eye on the “ladies”.

Last week, the Boss bush-hogged the weedy mess that is actually the asparagus patch.  We won’t get into the whole weed vs. herbicide debate…not now. I will say there is actually a late season benefit to our lack of weed management. Once the asparagus plants are bush-hogged, they will produce another small crop! (we have read that this isn’t necessarily good for the plants,  but the weeds were totally out of control) I don’t want to try to re-educate our customers as to the seasonality of asparagus. (it’s actually an early spring crop and any asparagus in the store this time of year comes from South America) So, it’s fresh asparagus for supper tonight! This job definitely has its perks.

Gus - 1 year on the hill
As we marked the first anniversary of Gus’ arrival on the hill, he came up with even more odd and unusual things to do.  This week, he placed chunks of firewood across the driveway that looked like speedbumps. Having slowed farm traffic to a crawl, he began stockpiling the wood in the orchard, near one of his napping spots.  If we could just train him to stack it neatly…or keep the woodstove filled.   Ah, Gus.  He does keep us entertained!

speedbumps for the driveway

It's exhausting work keeping the farm safe

just 'cause Ellie is pretty

Suddenly, it was time for the Market again.  The weeks seem to fly by faster and faster. 

It’s never a good thing to wake to rain on a Market day…even if it’s just a light, drizzly rain.  But, it’s been so dry that it no longer mattered if we got wet at the Market.  It’s been so dry that even the customers were hoping for rain.  …and RAIN is what we got.  Oh, my!  It rained so hard at the Market that everyone was drenched and there were huge puddles in the parking lot. I've never seen so many umbrellas.  But, the faithful customers came out and we had another great day.  

The Market runs for another TEN weekends…and we should have fresh produce, meat and eggs that entire time. (But, we will need to get out our coveralls for the late season.)

…and that was the week.

Today dawned cloudy and cool, it really feels like fall.  

I think it’s time to start thinking about pulling out those cold weather recipes, particularly since I'm pretty sure this was the last zucchini of ’14.
the last zucchini of '14
sad days indeed

This one is for T-bone
Pumpkin spice cheesecake definitely on our T'giving menu!

Hope you have a Happy Sunday!

sunset on 9-13-14

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back and “see” us again real soon!


  1. That Gus is a hoot! Pat him on the head for me! :)

    1. He does keep things interesting, Lori!
      I gave him a pat on the head for you...he also wanted an ear scratch/belly rub...and I figured you wouldn't mind. ;)

  2. I love to read about your weekly 'doings' on the farm Barbara, but most of all I like that photograph of your market stall. That is when I wish we could pop in with our baskets and buy things.
    When we came over there the last few times we always managed to visit a farmers' market somewhere. The things I always was fascinated by (and always tried if they were on the menu in our hotel or restaurant) were fiddle shoots. Do you grow them?

    1. Thanks, Pat!
      I have always wanted to try fiddleheads or fiddle shoots! I understand they are rather like asparagus and they look fascinating.
      Unfortunately, you need some sort of woodland environment to get them to grow (they are a type of fern, I believe) and we don't have anything like that here on the hill. We have less than 100 trees on the entire place, I think.
      I have always thought it would be good to have a vendor at the market to sell all the wild-harvested taste treats like mushrooms and ramps and fiddleheads. But, so far we haven't found anyone to fill that niche.

  3. Hey Barbara,
    Tour post and the photos have the feel of Autumn about them. Especially the sunset pic.
    Is Waylon wearing a harness? Do you take him for walks? (LOL!)
    :) m & jb (who wore a harness once for exactly 22 seconds before contorting herself out of it)

    1. Fall is definitely in the air. It was 47* the past two mornings.
      Yes, Waylon is wearing a harness. But, not for's a little more this I am not woman enough to walk a ram. lol
      Hope you and jb (who is incredibly talented to get out of her harness in 22 seconds) have a great week!