Friday, April 25, 2014

So...WHAT Do I Do with This Stuff?

 So...WHAT do I do with this stuff?

This (or some variation) is perhaps my favorite Market question.  It indicates that the shopper is open-minded and curious and I get to look smart (well, smart might be a stretch) early on a Saturday morning…and I get to talk about one of my favorite subjects…FOOD!

Did you read this? "Food is My Life"  Food really is my (our) life and I enjoy absolutely every aspect of it.

Over the years I have been astounded at the number of folks who have absolutely no idea what to do with various farm products. Many times fairly common food items are unrecognizable in their “natural state” (sans packaging) …and the explanations that shoppers are often overheard offering one another are sometimes more than a little odd. (and often more than a little mis-informed/wrong)

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  

Food at the Farmers’ Market is…well…food

It’s incredibly fresh and LOCAL (at our Market it must be produced within 50 miles) and it tastes great. It may look different than what you’ve seen in the grocery…but, there is no real mystery to its preparation prior to eating.

We actually eat the products we sell at the Market.  I make supper every night using things we grew here on the hill. So, you can get a personal testimony as to the freshness and tastiness of the crop…and we can both tell you what preparation methods work best.

In an effort to help those who might like to know a little bit more about the crops we grow…and how to best enjoy them…here’s something new…

Each Friday (starting next week), I’m going to post a special “foodie Friday” post about a different farm product that we offer at the Market. I hope to include a little about the development of the crop, what it takes to produce it and how to best enjoy it. 

From lettuce to lamb chops…

and everything in between…it is my goal to aid folks in the quest to “know your farmer, know your FOOD”!

In the meantime, I hope you’ll head to the Market (and if you’re local, come by and say “HI”)…check out what’s available…meet some producers (farmers) and try something new. 

…and if you see something you want to know more about…drop me a comment.  I’m always happy to talk about food! 

And, as Jacques Pepin would say..."Happy Cooking!"


  1. Do I really have to wait until next Friday to get a cooking idea Barbara!?

    1. You could probably teach me something about cooking, Pat!
      I could give you the "helpful" advice one of my daughters used to give our customers. When questioned about how long to cook something, she said "...well...until it's done!" (we did a little work on that one. haha)

  2. Barbara, come look at the little Youtube video on my new blog post. You can have it playing in the background at your stand. Your customers will then know what to do with at least two things! xx, m

  3. Hi Barbara! My hubby decided to plant BUTTERNUT SQUASH this year - any good cooking ideas?? :)

    1. Hey Tracy,
      Thanks for commenting on this one. (completely forgot this great idea and never followed through on it)
      Butternut squash can be used in any recipe calling for pumpkin, if you cook it and puree it first. That hint alone should keep you busy.
      But, my personal favorite way to enjoy butternut squash is to peel it, chunk it up, chunk up a few onions and sweet potatoes (white potatoes will work, too) toss in a little olive oil and roast everything in the oven until slightly browned and tender. (about 30 minutes at 400*) I'm pretty sure I could make a meal of just that.
      oh, and I just remembered...Pioneer Woman makes an AWESOME risotto with butternut squash! You have GOT to try that one.
      Suddenly, I am starving!
      Happy Cooking!