Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Watching Winter Storm PAX

early morning BEFORE the storm
Weather is the single-most talked about thing here on the hill.  And, rightly so.

The weather is also the single-most powerful influence on the farm.

You can have the best, newest equipment, the most robust, fertile animals, the most productive, abundant crops…and one single weather event can change your plans, your dreams, your life…in just one moment.

Too much rain, snow, heat or cold can ruin a crop.  As can too little of any one of the same.

While we talk, complain about, worry over, rail against and sometimes even rejoice in, the weather…there’s absolutely nothing we can do to change it.  …and that makes it even harder to deal with sometimes.

For the past couple of days, we’ve been focused on winter storm Pax. (when did we start naming winter storms? …and WHY did we start naming winter storms?)  It looks like the snow lovers are going to be happy.

The forecasters have posted their predictions…it looks like we are in for a good amount with this storm.  Maybe up to 18...20...inches?  Cold temperatures are to follow and there’s another round of snow predicted for next week.   It’s the aftermath of a snow storm that I find the most challenging.  That part seems interminable.

We have made our preparations…the tractor is in the shop (where it will stay warm-ish so it will start easily) the feed bins are stocked and there is plenty of hay for the duration. We’ve got gasoline, propane and batteries just in case of a power outage.  The wood box is full and the woodstove is cranking. The snow shovels are conveniently located and the snowblower is primed for action. 

Yep, we're ready!

All we can do is wait. 

See you in the Spring!

Hoping YOU stay safe and warm in the upcoming storm.

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