Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 9-8

For anyone who may have been wondering...the Boss did indeed make it out of the hoophouses alive!

Labor Day found us facing the daunting task of taming and re-planting  in preparation for fall and winter crops. To say it was a big mess would have been a BIG understatement.

He tilled.

He weeded.

He hauled.

…and then he battled weeds with the bush hog.  

…and mowed the corn, potato and squash patches so they can be plowed and set to rest for winter.

Meanwhile, I checked crops,
fall greens

MORE beans

Battled bugs,
looper caterpillar

harlequin beetle

And planted nearly all the tiny seedlings in the hoophouses.

Then, I started some more in the greenhouse.

…and that was Monday…


Groundhog damage was discovered and a quick fortification project followed.
this is why I HATE groundhogs!

The last of the Yukon gold potatoes were harvested from out back.

There were enough grapes to take to Market…and make some juice for Winter time.

The fall broccoli survived the caterpillar attack and should be ready for Market in a couple weeks.

Tess is getting a little more adventuresome in her "controlled outdoor explorations".  
Tess and Ellie haven't decided if they are friends...

We even had time to enjoy the views, views, views...
cows across the way in the early morning light

morning in Mbrook

choretime on the hill

grazing in September

September sunset

This week will include a lot of garden clean-up, more planting and harvesting…and a trip to get the new puppy! (I can’t wait)

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great week!

Happy Sunday!

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