Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Walkabout 6-1

We finally got a number of nagging jobs completed here on the hill this week…we also have a number (a really big number) of jobs left to do.

The ewes got shorn…yay BLONDIE!

The second batch of broilers got processed…#3 batch moved outside and #4 batch arrived in good condition.

Squash and cucumbers were planted…again…

Row cover just didn’t provide enough protection during that 34* night last week. I seeded another crop to go in the ground in a couple of weeks.

The first strawberries were picked…while they didn’t make it to the Market, they were greatly enjoyed.  We make a fair number of sacrifices in the name of quality control.  Checking out the strawberry crop is one of the more pleasant experiences.

keeping the onions relatively weed-free requires a LOT
of hand work!
Through real team effort, the weeding/fertilizing of the onions got completed. We even recruited Toughchick one afternoon. There is a down-side to visiting the folks during the growing season…everyone gets put to work. But, the crop looks great and should be ready to harvest in just a few weeks.
Red Zeppelin onion

tiny tomatoes are forming...

...and the plants are still waiting to be transplanted!
The tomatoes and peppers still have not made it to the garden.  Hopefully, they will get in the ground tomorrow.  Otherwise, we may be harvesting from the trailer load of plants sitting in the middle of the driveway.

A stretch of good weather should allow us to get the tomatoes, peppers, corn, sweet potatoes, winter squash, beans, beets and okra planted…(I’m sure I forgot something)

…and the broccoli harvest should begin soon!

Here’s hoping we are finally back on track for the season.

               Happy Sunday!

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  1. Hi Barbara, lovely to hear from you. Our farms couldnm't be more different - we are all grassland and as we are semi-retired we have other farmers stock - sheep and lambs from friends and young heifers being reared for beef from two neighbouring farmers. We keep some of our fields for hay and for silage - they are growing well as we have just had ten days of wonderful weather - after a year of pretty dismal stuff. Doesn't the sun make a difference?
    We are right in the middle of Heriot country - in fact the vets that advised on the series are our vets and much of the series was filmed within a ten mile radius of our farm.
    I shall put you on my side bar, so do please keep in rouch.