Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lonesome, On'ry and Mean...?

THE DAY had finally arrived.

The weather was warm and dry (for a change). We were up to date on the “to do list” (well, relatively) 

There was no avoiding it.  It was time.

                                     Time to shear the ram.

While it is crucial to get Waylon-the-ram shorn on an annual basis, it’s one job that neither of us look forward to.  I don’t think Waylon-the-ram has any opinion on the matter, although he does seem more comfortable minus his woolly coat.

Since Waylon lives alone most of the year, he can be somewhat cantankerous. There are times when he seems rather put out at his solitary life…his deep baritone baaaa echoes across the farm when the ewes move to a paddock out of his sight. Sometimes he paces back and forth, complaining the entire time. You can read about Waylon's bachelor life here.

When working with large animals, anything can happen.  Waylon outweighs the Boss by about a hundred pounds or more, so he’s working at a disadvantage from the “git-go”. To say we approach the job with some trepidation is an understatement. 

Here is the story from last year.

In case anyone wonders, yes…Waylon is named for Waylon Jennings of country music fame…no, I really don’t know why.  It seemed appropriate at the time.

Rams, good rams like Waylon, have a singular purpose on the farm…to breed the ewes.

 Read this one...and this.  
That means he is a mass of testosterone and muscle. Doing a little mutton-bustin’ is definitely NOT on the Boss’ bucket list.  He’s done a little combat with rams and has absolutely no desire to do it again.

This year’s shearing was completely uneventful.  I’m pretty sure we break every shearing rule there is…but, the job is done.  Waylon is cool and ready for breeding season in about six weeks.  The Boss survived, completely intact, his only complaint was he smelled like a sheep for the rest of the day.

So, today I am thankful, truly thankful that Waylon didn’t live up to the song lyrics from his namesake that  are always a very real possibility.

I been doin’ things my way…It's been making me lonesome, on'ry and mean!

Nope…he was quite well behaved.
  Maybe it was the pink halter…more likely than not it was just the grain in the feeder. He does love his feed! But,whatever the reason, he was calm and cooperative, just like we like it.

the "after" shots

I must say there is a great sense of relief having that job done and out of the way for another year!


  1. Amen to that last sentence!

    The Boss

  2. When you look at that head you realise just what damage he could inflict if he wished to Barbara. A wise move to tether him methinks.

  3. sorry we missed this. He looks less menacing when he has been sheared. Glad we got images of him before!